Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Break Adventure

The day after Christmas is my nephew, Joseph's Birthday! So we were invited to go to Chuck-e-Cheese to celebrate with him. The boys had a BLAST!!! Sorry the picture below is so blurry, but that's the birthday boy blowing out the candle for his birthday.

The boys had a blast just playing around and having fun and picking new games to play. I even played the one were you try to stop the light right in front of you and you get a lot of tickets. Well that's exactly what happened (after the 5th or 6th time) but I got the lot of it and Daxton was amazed.
Here is Hayden, with a really red nose from falling off the couch and getting a rug burn. So sad!!

Corbin and Hayden on a little ride!

All 3 boys in a Jeep and not sure if they like it, except for Corbin who loves adventure and anything opposite of Daxton.

Hayden tired and exhausted after a LONG 3 days!

We watched my sister's boys for her so that her and her husband could have a little bit of a break and to celebrate their anniversary and get other shopping done. In return she watched our boys the next day for a few hours so that Mat and I could have a break and go on a much needed date. We went up to Orem on a snowy Tuesday and watched AVATAR!!! Such a great movie! Would love to see it again in 3-D. We went to Five-Guys, amazing! And then for dessert we went to Farrs Ice Cream place. It was a cool, modern, self-serve yogurt place and was really good. We picked up the kids and relaxed playing the Wii Sports Resorts! Thank you Apryl and Dave for watching our boys and letting us have a little break.
Wednesday, our BIG ADVENTURE!!!! We went up to see Mat's parents since we were not able to spend a whole lot of personal time with them on Christmas day and to give Mat's mom her birthday present. I made a book for her of our camping trip we did with them at Ferron Mountain this last August. It was amazing and very rewarding to see her face when she saw that I made her a book from Heritage Maker. We also brought up a present that "Santa" left at Grandma's house and we could see for Corbin. Corbin was upset that Santa didn't bring him any underwear for Christmas and so we bought him some, wrapped it up and quickly put it under Grandma's tree. Corbin was SO excited to get underwear for Christmas and was insistant that he put it on right away. And we had no accidents that day, however, the next day was a struggle and has been ever since. He's not quite ready for potty training yet. He will go, but not completely and only does for the treats that he gets. He knows that there is a bigger reward, a toy that he picked out with daddy, but yeah not yet. Anyway, it was snowing pretty good off and on that day and we were planning on going up to see the lights at Temple Square and take TRAX up there.
Well, we made it up there and had a great time. The boys loved the ride up on Trax and enjoyed the lights at Temple Square. We made it up there earlier in November, but we didn't take any pictures. We went with my brother and his family and my sister Apryl and her family along with my parents. We had quite the crew up there. The boys had a blast being up there with their cousins and it was right before my brother Jared went back home to Idaho Falls. This time it was snowing and snowing hard. It was a lot warmer this time, but boy was there a lot of snow.

We did get quite a few pretty shots with the camera. Here we are at the Reflection pool.

The Salt Lake Temple and snow. It was really pretty and we had a pretty good time.

Yes it's Daxton with Hayden. Silly boy! We were able to go into the Tabernacle and see a Polynesian dance program that was going on. It was really cool. I wish that my boys were a little less restless or else I could have stayed in there to see the other events that were coming up like, Japanese drumming, Hungarian Dancers and others. Oh well.

Trax on the way up to Temple Square. The boys had a great time. Corbin kept saying that it was not working every time they would stop at a different station. It was hilarious!

My boys!
All in all it was a great time. Hayden did get very onrey when we were about done and started just crying and we were not sure what to do. So we went inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and he was still crying. We got him out of his snowsuit and he just had his warm fleece outfit on and was still crying so we just were on our way out when the Sister serving there looked at him and he calmed down and looked at her. She asked what was wrong and then he grab his blanket, started sucking his thumb and calmed right down. I think it was that she was kind, gentle and loving and looked a lot like my mom with the short, gray, spikey hair. After that he was fine for the rest of the night. Corbin fell asleep on the way back down to the Sandy station and we came home!! What an ADVENTURE!!!


Aleca Rose

Sounds like you had a great time! I love going there to temple square to see all the lights. You and your family look great!