Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vacuum Hairdos

Ok, so I know that that sounds kind of funny, vacuum hairdos, but Mat figured this out when I had just finished cutting his hair and I was vacuuming his hair out and then he did it to Corbin and this is what had happened, it turned into a mohawk hairdo. So we decided to do this to do the boys the other day and "do" their hair. Corbin will let us do it, but Daxton was a little bit hesitant. It really makes me laugh how scared he was of it, but we convinced him that it tickled and this is what we did. Here is Mat doing Daxton's hair. (Just in case you would like to try it on your own children.)

Here are the results of the "do." Really spikey hair. For some reason this is where my boys grow their hair is right in the center, from the front of the head to the back. If I let Daxton's hair grow out he would have a mullet, YUCK!!

Here is Daxton and Corbin's hair. Corbin gives you good view on what it looks like and how high it gets. Corbin also likes to put food in his hair if we are not quick enough on cleaning him up after dinner and Mat will put Corbin's hair into a mohawk with food and water. YUMMY!!

My two silly boys giving BIG CHEESY SMILES!!! Gotta love em'!

Can't finish up this post without showing a picture of Hayden and how cute he is. And yes, I have another thumb sucker. No matter what I did he wouldn't take a binkey. Oh well.

I wanted to show you a picture of my family. This is 30 out of 31 of my family. We took this the day that Hayden was blessed. My sister-in-law Cindy did a really good job. The only one missing is my brother-in-law Casey, Chelsea's husband. Silly man didn't want to be there. My favorite person in the picture is Daxton and his pose. Along with my two nephews being ornery. Oh well, it will not always be a perfect picture will it. But that's what makes it a great family photo. Memories, memories!

Hope that you all have a great day and are safe, especially with all of the new snow that we have gotten the last few days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Updates

I realize that it has been a little while since I last posted, but not much has been going on other than the fact of baby blessings, baby blessings, baby blessings. We had Hayden's had the end of December and then the next week we went to another one up in Farmington. We went to be with one of the missionaries from Mat's mission and his baby was being blessed. We wanted to support them and it was really nice to be able to do that and to see them again. Then the next week we went to my brother's little girl's blessing. She was born 6 days before Hayden but is much smaller than Hayden. She's adorable though. Her name is Korryn Rebecca Lee. Anyway, we went up to Idaho Falls to be with my brother and other family up there. It was nice to get together. We almost had our whole family again, but my sister-in-law and some of her kids were sick as well as my sister Chelsea and her husband Casey were unable to make it. It was a lot of fun. Mat has been enjoying his job and we are just thankful that he still has his job. So many of my extended family members have been struggling and some have lost their jobs. We just keep thanking Heavenly Father that Mat still has his and that we are doing ok financially. We truly have been blessed this past year. It has been nice to be so close to family and to spend time with them the past few weeks. The boys keep growing up faster and faster. I can't believe that Daxton is now in Sunbeams and Corbin in nursery. I'm excited for them to be progressing, but it is really scary that times goes by so fast. Daxton will be going into preschool this fall and that is exciting and weird to think as well. It will be nice to be able to spend a little more time with Corbin and Hayden though. Oh, I have to tell you a scary thing that Daxton has did to me the other day. We were shopping the other day with my mom at Shopko getting some of their clearanced items and were getting ready to go and check out. I went through first and paid for my things and then put up he things that my mom was buying when I turned around and didn't see Daxton. I yelled his name a few times and no response. I started walking down aisles and still no response. Then this lady asked if he was wearing a blue coat and I said yes. She said that he was outside. So I left Hayden and Corbin with my mom as she was finishing checking out and ran outside. He was running towards the car. Thank goodness that he didn't get hit by any cars, but he scared me so bad. He got into a lot of trouble and was not able to watch any movies or tv and AHHHHHH!!! I was so scared that something had happened to him. You just never know what could ever happen, but ah, I just had to let someone know what my little boy did. Frustrating little boy sometimes, but I do love him. Well enough about that I will stop. Just thought that I would let you know how things are going for the Larsen's, although it isn't much. Hope you all have a great day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Weekend!

Wow! Christmas weekend was kind of crazy. We had a great time when my all of my family got together at my mom's house on the Saturday after Christmas for a BINGO party for all the grandkids. When I was little we would go to my grandma's house during Christmas time and play BINGO. My mom decided to keep the tradition that her mother started and keep it going through her own grandkids. It was the easiest way to keep the kids involved with Christmas in a special way with their MAMA (that's what grandma is to the grandkids). The kids had a blast. And after BINGO was over the kids all played with the simple toys that they all got and had a blast while the adults played some games.
Here is beautiful picture of my neice Madilyn. She's the oldest grandchild and next January (of 2010) she will be 12. I can't believe it. She's gorgeous though.
Here is Mat with Daxton and my nephew Christian helping them play BINGO.

Here is all 31 of my family crammed into my mom's tiny house. Okay not all 31 are showing in the picture, but we did have 31 in the house that night. It was cramped but we didn't mind being so close to one other. We had a blast.

The next day we blessed Hayden. I know that it wasn't on a fast Sunday, but I like to do blessings when I know that all of my family will be there. It happened to be that my brother from Idaho was going to be down and able to participate. It's hard for him to get Sundays off from work and I was glad that he and his family were able to be there. We had a good time. We had a small luncheon at my sister Apryl's house. She has a bigger home that would be able to hold all of my family as well as Mat's large family as well.
This is my nephew Dalan and he is showing his sticky Coolwhip fingers and saying that he's a T-Rex. ROARRRRR!!!!

Here is my dad (PAPA) with Hayden and Korryn. Korryn is 6 days older than Hayden but you would never know it if you looked at her. She is soo tiny. Especially compared to my 14 lbs little bundle of joy.

Here I am with Hayden the morning of the blessing.

Here's Mat with Hayden. Don't they look like twins?

Here are my boys in their new church outfits from Grandma. Their so cute!

Here is Hayden in his blessing outfit. I love this picture. (He's smiling at Mat.)
Doesn't he have a cute smile? He makes me smile everytime I see him. So too cute not to smile at.
Our New Years was spent at our house with my family. We just stayed up playing games until about 2 am and I'm not used to that especially if I have to get up during the night to feed Hayden. But it was fun. It was full of laughter and good memories of my mom being silly, especially when she gets really tired. It makes everything just that much more fun.
Hope all of good goals set for this year and hope all goes well for you.

A New Year already!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I can't believe how time has flown by so fast and we are already at a new year. 2009!! Wow! Well, I hope that all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Well for Christmas we were up at Mat's parent's house. They do a big Christmas Eve dinner. We were able to be with almost all of his family. It was nice for the kids to play with their cousins and enjoy Christmas Eve with them. We had to threaten Daxton to be good or else we were going to call Santa up and tell him that he couldn't come to our house. Mat's sister Stephanie's boyfriend said that he had Santa's number on speed dial on his phone and that we could use it if we needed to. We didn't have to many other problems the rest of the evening with him. He was so excited for Santa to come. That night he and his cousin Landon got things ready for Santa. They went outside and laid out some food on the snowy lawn for the reindeer to find the house. Mat's sister Emily had gotten the reindeer food for Christmas from a neighbor friend. So the little boys did that and then set out the plate of cookies and turned off the fireplace so that Santa wouldn't hurt his bum. It was really cute.

Here is Mat so excited for his gifts that I had gotten him. Plus, he was being a dork and being just Mat. I love him though.
Doesn't Corbin look so excited for Christmas?!?! He really was excited. It was fun to watch him open up presents. I know that next year he will have caught onto the whole idea and be really excited.
I love this picture of Daxton. He was so funny. He told Santa that he wanted a house for Christmas and a guitar. Well, Santa got him the guitar, and when Daxton opened it up he was so excited that after that he said that he wanted to go home. He's so funny. But here is Daxton jammin' to his guitar. It's a Backyardigans guitar and he loves to play it. He's a goof.

With Mat's family they do a little thing called the ELF. Where one of Santa's elves will "come down" and give the kids a pair of new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Mat and I have kept this tradition. The kids love it. Here are our boys in their new pajamas from the ELF. Hayden was tired and Corbin was more interested in what was going on around him and Daxton just wouldn't look at the camera.