Thursday, April 30, 2009

He's comin' HOME!!!!

My uncle Tim is coming home today and we are so excited that things have progressed so quickly that he can come home and not to a rehab. It's crazy to think that his accident was almost 2 weeks ago. He was able to progress after getting his surgery a few days ago. We are so excited that he and my Aunt Tina are back in Utah again and with their family. Just thought that I would update you all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Uncle Tim

This last week has been interesting for my family. My Uncle Tim, my mom's baby brother, was out with his family over Spring Break to Moab to go four-wheeling. Well, they were going on a ride on Saturday, the 19th, and were just starting out when my Uncle's four-wheeler was wanting to go one way as he was checking to make sure all of the group was ready to go on the trail when he ended up flying off the four-wheeler down a 40 foot cliff and landing in a stream below and barely missing two boulders below. My cousin Kameron was there to turn him over along with other family members there (on both sides of the veil). My uncle was uncounscious for awhile, but once he came to he was cranking jokes like normal. He ended up splitting his pelvis, breaking several ribs and had a collapsed lung (which was inflated while waiting for the Life Flight to come), and some lacerousions on his spleen and liver and has some kidney damage. I haven't seen him yet. He is still in Grand Junction, CO and just had surgery on his pelvis today to have it fused together better. It's a miracle that he is here still with us. We thank Our Father in Heaven every day for him to still be here and ask to continue to bless him and his sweet family. We love them so much. But I just want to say that miracles happen and believe it or not, blessing have come from this in more ways that you can hardly imagine.

Easter and More!!

We have had a lot of fun the last few weeks as we have had Easter and Spring Break, where we don't have anyone in the public school, but my parent's were gone with my brother and his family to DisneyLand and we spent it at home with each other. Mat and I were able to go to a Bees game. It was just going to be the two of us with Hayden, but the game was cancelled because of a former player that had been killed in LA. So we decided to go walk around Temple Square and take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere without two other screaming kids. We ended up taking the boys that next Saturday where it rained half way through the game so we left. It was ok because we didn't pay for the tickets, Mat got them through work. Which was sweet of them and the reason we were able to take the boys on Saturday with us is when we exchanged the tickets we got them 2 for 1. Cool huh?!?
Easter was fun and adventuresome. Friday my sister came over and we decorated eggs and then hide them out in the yard along with some other eggs that talked about the Resurrection of the Savior. It was really cool. After the boys found the eggs we went inside and read the account of the Resurrection. Afterwards we hid the other eggs again and then played until it was too cold and it was getting dark. The boys had a lot of fun. Then Saturday morning is when we have the kids do the Easter Egg hunt in the house, so that we can savor the special meaning of Easter on Sunday. They had fun. Daxton was going around the front room quickly getting all the candy that he could get, while Corbin was taking his time and couldn't find much because Daxton took most of them. However, being the parents we were able to divide the candy pretty much in half and they didn't know the difference. That afternoon we took the boys to their first big baseball game and they had a lot of fun, especially when Mat bought them popcorn. They got bored around the 5th inning and then it started to down pour so we left and went to Mat's brother Jared's to see their new house. It was a lot of fun, though.
On Easter Sunday we were able to go to my Uncle Tim's house and have more Easter Egg Hunts and have a yummy barbeque. It was a lot of fun to be with family and spend it together.
My mom just celebrated her birthday this last Wednesday and it was fun. My sister Apryl and I took my mom out to lunch to Brick Oven and had a really good time. It was fun to surprise my mom and spend it that way with her. I hope she knows how much she is appreciated and how much we really enjoy having her apart of family.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a week!

The Larsen household has been very interesting to say the least. It all started Saturday the 28th when we were registering Daxton for preschool. Daxton was so excited that when we got there he said "Bye mom! See you later! I'm going to school." I had to tell him that I was coming to and he was ok with that. I have see him so excited about anything before. I think it is because his cousin Christian has been going to school for the last couple of years. Then when we got back from doing that my sister Chelsea wanted to get together to do a bbq with all of our family. So we arranged it together and had a good time. But that night Corbin started to get a fever which would end up triggerig the events for the rest of the week.
That night Corbin didn't sleep very well, which meant that I didn't sleep very well either on top of Hayden waking up wanting to be fed as well. It was quite exhausting the next day, but I was surprisingly not doing to bad considering we have 9 o'clock church and I had to get up at 6:30 to get ready. Mat stayed home with Corbin who's temperature was 103 at 6:30 a.m. It went down to 100 at 7:10 but we were really scared for him. Mat kept a close eye on him especially since he slept from 10 am to 4 pm. Mat checked on him every 2 hours to make sure he was still breathing. Poor lil' guy. That night we had FHE with my family and my grandpa gave the lesson. After the lesson we had other family members give Corbin a blessing. That night, surprisingly, he slept the whole night without waking up. HOORAY!!!
So I thought that everything was going to get better but on Sunday night Hayden started to get sick and was throwing up all over me. We finally associated it with feeding him the cereal and we have stopped feeding him cereal for a little bit. It happened the Monday before as well. We fed him cereal and he got sick that night and was sick the next day. So on Monday the 30th I had two sick boys, Corbin and Hayden. Corbin was feeling better but was EXTREMELY ONREY!!!! Hayden pretty much slept the whole day and it was good so that I could pay attention to Corbin and have him stop screaming at me.
Corbin's temperature had gone down and so I thought that he was all better. Well, again he didn't want to sleep that night. It took us forever to get him to go to bed and sleep longer than an hour. He finally slept for 4 hours and then was up screaming again. Then when he got up that next morning, Tuesday, he had a temperature again. I was getting really worried. He was constantly crying and I couldn't leave his side. I had to hold him the whole time, which made it difficult when I needed to feed Hayden. I was trying really hard to take care of both of them, but I couldn't do it so I had Mat come home and help me out. On Mat's way home from work he ended up getting a flat tire and found out there was a screw in his tire. YIPPEE!! Something else to add the mix of fun, huh! Well he got home safe and we ended taking it in to get fixed at Big O Tires on our way to take Corbin to the doctor. Our regular doctor wasn't in, but was saw his fill in. We were in quick and out quick and found out that Corbin's eardrum had burst because he had an infection in his ear. Oh joy! Corbin wouldn't take any medicine, Tylenol or Ibuprofen to help with the pain and the doctor was concerned and so he gave Corbin and antibiotic in the form of a shot. Oh, Corbin was not happy at all, but at least he got some antibiotics in him. The doctor wanted to see him the next morning to see how things were healing up. So we got it scheduled for 9:50 on April 1. Corbin didn't eat much food that day nor did he drink a lot of food either. He weighed 23.8 lbs and had a temperature of 102.2. He finally ate some food that day, too, some ham and that was about it. He fell asleep really early, too but stayed asleep until about 8 am the next morning. Poor guy! Well on Wednesday he was much better, still a little onrey but better. He ate tons of food that morning and when we went into the doctors he weighed 25.8lbs and had a normal temperature. He gained 2lbs from the day before. How cool is that! His ear was doing better and he was doing better since I carried him the day before and he was walking that morning into the doctor's office. Wednesday was also my birthday and I turned 25 years old. So weird! Well it turned out to be pretty good since it stopped snowing and it turned sunny. HOORAY!! My sister was so sweet and she got me a Willow Tree statue of an angel with a Thank you sign, and she watched 2 of my 3 boys while Mat and I went to dinner. Mat got me a new little camera that I can carry around wih me a little bit easier than our SLR Nikon. Love the camera. Love the pictures that it takes and how good they look but it is huge when I need a camera really quick for all the random things that my boys tend to do. So thank you honey for the camera. We went out to dinner to Brick Oven. Ummm.... good food. I got a salad and we ordered cheese bread sticks, and the Alfredo Deluxe pizza. Oh, I got full fast, but it was so good. We were going to go to the BYU museum of Art but for some reason their doors were closed. And I think it was an April Fools joke because there were a lot of students that coming up to and trying to open the doors and found out their were locked. It was pretty funny to watch, even if Mat and I did the same thing. We went back to get our boys, Daxton and Corbin. We ate cake and had a good time. Thank you Apryl and especially Dave for watching our boys so that we could go out for the evening.
Well, Corbin is doing better. Even though he is still a little bit onrey and is CONSTANTLY wanting me to hold him. Yesterday was a disaster and I couldn't even get one minute to myself, but we all survived the day. Today, he is much better and is starting to come back to my little happy Corbin with silly moves and making me smile all day. Like sticking both fingers up his nose. Yeah, got that on the camera. Well that's been our adventure as we have been trying to get ready for General Conference this weekend. Can't wait for that. So excited and hoping the activities that I have planned for the boys will help the boys pay attention a little bit better to conference and still have fun. Have a great weekend and tell you how conference goes.

Cub Scouts March 2009

Cub Scouts March 2009

Here are some photos that we took of our Cub Scouts group. We are over the Bears which is the 9 year olds. They are a lot of fun. This last month was on choosing a career and we talked about Mat's job as a graphic designer (no pictures but the boys had fun looking at Mat distort his face using tools in photoshop and indesign), as well as going to a family in a ward that does Exotic Bird Rescue. It is really cool. They told us a lot about birds and if the boys want a bird to do their homework and read a lot about the birds and what they need and how to take care of them. A lot of the birds that they get have been abused and it is really sad. I got a couple of pictures of the boys holding two of the 6 birds that they showed us that they had in their home. They had a great time. The next Mat was so excited to do. Our friend, Officer Jay Hurst came and talked to the boys about his job as a K9 officer and what his job entails. He brought his dog Endy which is not a German Shephard, but is from Czechslovikia and was 18 months old when brought to be trained. He is such a beautiful dog and very intimidating but a sweet dog. Mat was used as a volunteer in a couple of ways. To show us part of what they do in training the dogs they have a toy scented in 4 kinds of drugs, marijiuana, meth, heroine, and cocaine. They use the toys as a reward for the dogs once they have found the drugs. So Mat was volunteered to hide the drug, marijiuana on the stage and Endy was to find it. Endy found it quite quickly and was rewarded with the toy which he and Officer Hurst were playing with. Then Mat was also volunteered to put on this suit that weighed 60lbs. The suit is used to train in the dogs in biting a suspect when the dog feels threatened and to protect their master as well as keeping the suspect there. Mat put the suit on that makes him look like a sumo wrestler because he could hardly walk or lift up his arms. While I was taking the pictures I think I was more scared than Mat, who, if you look closely in the pictures, is smiling and really enjoying himself get attacked by Endy. I'm just glad that it was him and not me. It was fun to see the boys so involved and throughly enjoying every minute of it. Hope you enjoy the pictures. We sure enjoyed being there and learning more about these different jobs.