Saturday, April 25, 2009

Uncle Tim

This last week has been interesting for my family. My Uncle Tim, my mom's baby brother, was out with his family over Spring Break to Moab to go four-wheeling. Well, they were going on a ride on Saturday, the 19th, and were just starting out when my Uncle's four-wheeler was wanting to go one way as he was checking to make sure all of the group was ready to go on the trail when he ended up flying off the four-wheeler down a 40 foot cliff and landing in a stream below and barely missing two boulders below. My cousin Kameron was there to turn him over along with other family members there (on both sides of the veil). My uncle was uncounscious for awhile, but once he came to he was cranking jokes like normal. He ended up splitting his pelvis, breaking several ribs and had a collapsed lung (which was inflated while waiting for the Life Flight to come), and some lacerousions on his spleen and liver and has some kidney damage. I haven't seen him yet. He is still in Grand Junction, CO and just had surgery on his pelvis today to have it fused together better. It's a miracle that he is here still with us. We thank Our Father in Heaven every day for him to still be here and ask to continue to bless him and his sweet family. We love them so much. But I just want to say that miracles happen and believe it or not, blessing have come from this in more ways that you can hardly imagine.


Aleca and Alan Rose

Wow! It is amazing what the lord helps us out with when things should of gone totally different. I'm glad that he is being taken care of and things are going better.

Chanae Anderson

This event was by far the most craziest thing I've ever had to go through. But I'm glad that I was there. In a way, I really needed all this to happen, in the way it happened.
I'm so glad he's doing better now.