Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update February!

Life has been a roller coaster ride the past fews weeks.  There has been so much that has gone on and so much that I have personally learned.  So the 2nd week of January Mat and I started our Spring Semester.  I am taking 9 credits and Mat is taking 7.  I didn't think it was going to be a really hard semester, but it is going to be very hands-on and intense, and I'm only taking 9 credits.  It doesn't help that I also have kids and their carpool groups to figure out that makes it that much more demanding on my time.  But I have loved being a part of my kids schooling, even if it's picking them up from school and taking them there.  They know that I love them, and want what's best for them in their education.  Anyway, I have also changed my major from Geography Teaching with an ESL minor..... TO......... Geography with an emphasis and Geographical Analysis and Bioregional planning with a GIS minor.  I'm so excited to be doing something that I really love.  I was not a big fan of teaching, and I feel really bad that no one in my family or Mat's family is going into teaching.  I know my in-laws were looking forward for someone to pass it on, but I learned that I can't please them and not do something that I really love.  It also helps me finish a little bit sooner.  Rather than Spring 2014, I now have a goal of Spring 2013!!!!!  It was nice to cut off a full year of schooling and be done and at least have one parent home a little bit more than it has been the last little bit.
Mat got a JOB!!!!  He was hired on to work at Crystal Inn to work in the kitchen.  Since he has classes in the morning he works in the evening from 4-8 and basically warms up the food and is the cook/server/hostess.  He really enjoys the job, even though the hours are not in one block of time (because they don't serve lunch), but other than that he loves the people he works with and the atmosphere is good, and Mat gets along with people so easy that he loves this job.  He started work 2 weeks ago and he hoping that it continues to work well with his school schedule.
We have just been busy with our own little projects that we haven't been able to do much as a family and at times it feels very overwhelming, but I know that this is where we are suppose to be, in Logan going to Utah State, and that this time will be but a small moment and we will move on, but have learned so much from this experience.  We have grown so much over the last year.  (Which is hard to believe that we have been in Logan for over a year).
I wish that I could tell you more, but my boys are getting hungry.  I will have to tell you more about a Sacrament meeting talk that really helped my family out and maybe it will help your families out too. Have a fabulous Sabbath day! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belated Christmas card and Letter

The Larsen Express                                                                 December 2011
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!                                        
Another year has come and gone and I don’t know how it went by so fast.  We can’t believe that it has been a year, almost exactly since we have moved into our new home in Logan to go to school.  We have really enjoyed it up here in Logan, even the coldness.  It really hasn’t been too bad, but anyway. Here are some brief summaries of the year for everyone.

Mat has been pretty busy this year.  He was laid off of his job at Ziplocal on Christmas Eve, and that is why we are in Logan, for Mat to go to school at Utah State University.  He has done very well.  He has really enjoyed his classes.  He started back for Spring 2011 and did the summer as well.  He has mastered his skills on the grill and has been a great husband and father and taken good care of us. Mat’s major is in Business and hoping to go into Management Information Systems (MIS).

Nikol has been busy as well.  She has taken care of the boys and started back to school this last fall semester.  She is going into Geography Teaching with an English as a Second Language (ESL) minor.    It’s been crazy around our house trying to manage the two schedules but we have done well. We have gotten to know our neighbors really well and have some really great ones.  It’s been hard for Nikol to be away from her family, but our friends have done so much for us that it’s hard to repay them.

Daxton finished up Kindergarten when we moved up here.  He had some struggles at first and was getting frustrated, but his teacher was willing to work with him and he excelled and now he is in the first grade!!!  I can’t believe that my oldest is in the first grade.  He is doing very well with friends, and has done much better in reading.  He loves math, but art time is his favorite time.  He has a great imagination and is very creative. 

Corbin started this fall in Bear River Headstart.  HE LOVES IT!!!  He has some great friends in his class and is the girls’ favorite.  He has done so well in school and doing well at recognizing his letters and numbers, shapes and colors.  I’m enjoying it so much to see him love school.  He is such a little ham, too.  I turn around and he has a funny look on his face.  He can always brighten my spirit.  Some of his quotes of the year are: “Mom, your beautiful!” (Tells me that everyday at least 4 xs a day). “I need my bum tight pants.” (He hates wearing anything other than those). And there are many more, but too many to write them all down right now.

Hayden has grown so much since we have moved in.  (All the boys have).  Hayden can now reach our light switches without a problem.  When we moved in he couldn’t reach them.  He is now 38 inches tall, almost 39 inches!  And 36 lbs!  He is my big boy and has always been. He is my little goose.  He has some of the funniest faces and looks on his faces, too.  He is starting to recognize letters and colors.  He is getting so big.  I can’t believe my baby is 3 years old now.  He is a little terror sometimes, but who could get angry at such a cute face.  He is the little girl favorite, too.  He has a few girlfriends around our area and he is pretty good about it.  Hayden will be in Primary this next year and I won’t have anymore in Nursery.

Don’t worry we are not done yet with our family.  We are just getting school done first before we think about another addition. It’s been a great year.  Lots of trials, lots of learning and many blessings.  We have definitely seen the Lord’s hand in our lives.  He has guided us to where we need to live and what we need to be doing with our lives.  He has also blessed us with great friends that we are able to help and them to help us.  We miss being so close to both families, but our Ward and neighbors have helped us out.

May the Lord help you and yours this next year! We have seen his hand in our lives.  May you all have a Merry Christmas and remember the true meaning: Our Savior, who came to this world in humble condition and yet done so much for us.
The Larsen’s
Mat, Nikol, Daxton, Corbin & Hayden

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Update....

So I know that I haven't updated for about 3 months, but school has been doing great.... interesting but great.  I have been able to learn so much and I am enjoying my Geographic Information Systems (GIS) class.  I am just finishing up my final project for that class along with my final project for my Foundations of ESL.  I have 2 papers to do for my ESL class and I am DONE FOR THE SEMESTER!!!  I don't have any final tests, just projects.
Mat is doing well in his classes.  He just started a new job last night, but I am a little worried for him. It is a very labor intensive job. Good, because it keeps him active, but BAD because he works from 6pm to 6 am.  Last night the let him come home early around 3 am and he was nauseated and very worn out.  It makes both of us nervous if he would be able to survive going to school while working at this job.  We are just praying that if this isn't the right job that something will come up quickly for us to pay for our bills.  Keep us in your prayers that things will work out with a job and all, and if this is the job for us that he will have the stamina to do this and school.
Daxton is doing GREAT!! He loves school.  He is doing much better in reading that it amazes me everyday. We have him read a verse of scriptures every night and he getting better at that and recognizing words.  He loves Math and reading, but not so much of his writing.  He complains that he gets tired, so when it his the day to do penmanship... it's a long day to say the least... at least for homework.
Corbin is doing great in preschool.  He is quite the ladies man.  He has a few girlfriends that love to be with him at all times of the day.  It makes me laugh.  He is a very handsome young man, but to start this soon is going to be hard. He loves to come home and tell me about his day and is getting good at recognizing certain letters and numbers and knows most of them and most of his colors.  He is so smart and is almost at the same level as Daxton, in most things.  He is also my comedian and when I pull out my camera he always has a funny expression to give me.  He keeps us laughing around here.
Hayden is a cutie and keeps us going.  He is so much fun to watch.  He is getting to the stage where he has a great imagination and talks with his toys. We have even had to put some of his toys on time-out.  I guess this just shows me what conversations we are constantly having at home when I hear him playing.  Some are good, others have me a little worried and know that things need to change a little bit.  He so wants to go to school, but we are still waiting, but is constantly learning with his older brothers.
We are doing well and feeling very blessed.  We have such wonderful neighbors that have helped us out with our washer not working.  So thankful for all that the Lord has blessed our family with.  It amounts to more than I could ever give back to him in full.  Hope that you all have a wonderful Holiday season- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WAAAAYYYYY..... behind... schedule

So if you haven't already heard, I have returned back to school at USU. (GO AGGIES!!!!) Things have been crazy to get all our schedules to mesh together, but now things are going well.
Daxton started 1st grade on August 24th and LOVES IT!!!  Sorry I don't have a picture with him.  I couldn't find my camera that day so sorry.  He was so excited though and I cried this time.  Not saying Daxton cried going to pre-school or kindergarten (neither did I either time), but this time I CRIED!!!  My baby was going to be going to school ALL DAY!! How crazy is that?  I can't believe it.  Daxton love's it though.  He does so well, and always has stories for me when he gets home.
Corbin is in pre-school.  He goes to Bear River Head Start.  We did Head Start with Daxton in Payson and loved it.  Corbin's school is in Smithfield, which his school is about 15min north of our home in Logan.  So it's a drive, but we carpool and he loves his teachers, Miss Karen and Miss Jami, as well as his new friends.  He always has a smile on his face when he comes home from school.
Sweet Hayden is doing well.  He isn't in any school that we were hoping for while Mat and I are gone to school, but we are able to get the help we need from our amazing neighbors that are willing to help watch him while Mat and I transition between classes where we overlap in times.  Hayden doesn't seem to mind too much because he gets to see all of his friends, but I still feel bad that I am not able to with him all day and give him as much mommy time.  He does get it, don't get me wrong, but not the same way that I would like to give it.
Quick summary of our summer....
We celebrated Corbin's birthday and Daxton's birthday with splash party with our neighbor kids and some family that was able to come up.  Mat's birthday was right in between there and it was simple... we were able to go to the temple and enjoy a quiet lunch together.  Our 7th Anniversary was in June as well ( a busy month for the Larsen family).  We spent it outside with our boys playing with slipping slides and playing with water.
July was fun because we live across the street from the Stadium we got a great firework show!  West Stadium has the best seats for the firework show in July (and during the football season we get to hear the crowds... which is pretty fun as well).  We had my family's reunion at Bear Lake and although it rained on us most of the time, we still had a great time and it was very memorable.
August was a great time as well... we went back to Bear Lake with Mat's family at the KOA in Garden City. It was a different kind of camping and I don't think I like it.  I like to in the woods camping, not around strangers who like to be clean all the time.  WE ARE CAMPING FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!  It was fun though and we got to go in the Minnetonka Cave and the boys were troopers and climbed all 400+ steps in the cave.  We also got to meet the USU football team and coaches. The boys thought it was the greatest thing ever.
I won't show a lot of pictures because it takes up a lot of space and my computer is being really funky, so sorry.
With September almost done, it's crazy to think how fast time flies.  It was exactly a year ago that Mat called me to tell me that they had a meeting with his company and were notified that December 24 would be their last day.  That's when this whole endeavor started and it's amazing to see how far we have all come.  We have all grown from this experience and are continuing to do so.  I have really enjoyed being up here in Logan.  We have met some of the most amazing people and have made great friends.  Not to say we don't miss our friends and family in Utah and Salt Lake counties, because we really do, but this is where we are needed right now.
Next month is full of festivities and fun, and I will hopefully post on them as soon as they happen, but homework first, right?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

April showers bring and May flowers!

( Forewarning.... LONG POST!!  Be prepared for reading and pictures... Enjoy!)

I find that if I do 2 months at a time that I can get at least something accomplished!  Right?!!?  Anyway, the month of April was filled with my birthday and Mat finishing up the Spring Semester and preparing for finals.  My birthday starts off the month and from there it usually is pretty good, even if the weather is normally pretty bad.  We were able to spend my birthday with SUNSHINE!!!  Nice 60 degree weather and lots of time outside.  It was so nice not to do house work or anything like that, and it was on a Friday, which meant that Conference was that weekend also.  That's right most of the time I get the Prophets and Apostles to speak on my birthday which is a nice treat (although, I will have to admit that I hated it as a kid because it meant that I couldn't play with my things outside, but now I enjoy it).  It was a nice to spend the weekend with Mat's parents.  Although it ended up raining and then snowing, I at least spent my birthday with SUNSHINE!! The boys were able to go to the swimming pool where my in-laws were staying and swim, while Mat and his dad went to the priesthood session.  It was a good time to spend with Grandma, one on one and I know the kids enjoyed it too.
 My Birthday Cake with a flameless candle.
 Me and my boys after getting in jammies to watch a movie for my birthday.
 Hayden playing a game on Mat's phone during Conference break.
Me and my sweetheart!
That next week was Daxton's Spring Break and although we didn't do too much, because of the rain, we were able to go down to Ogden's Children's Museum with Mat's sister, Emily and her family.  We spent the night in Layton at their home and then headed up together to the Museum.  It was such a great time and glad to spend with cousins and family.  (Pictures will follow)  The boys loved it.  It was fun to see what their likes and desires were and their favorite places to play at the Treehouse Museum.  The music area was by far their favorite, but they liked to go through all the cultural areas downstairs.  They spent a lot of time with the Cowboy area and then, of course the trains at the end of our time there.
Hayden and Andrew played in the dirty water!

Daxton at the Tree House Museum

Daxton and Cami on the bull!

Best friends!

Map of counties in Utah

Inside a Mongolian Hogan

Nephew Andrew and brother-in-law Kyle seeing
reflection and fish.

The Coolest Tree House ever with the coolest sister!

Playing music

Drums are awesome!

Favorite place of all!

Hayden was cute to watch with the doctor area and playing
with the babies.

Landon and Daxton on the mast of the boat.


My firefighters.

Cute picture

The next in the oval office is.....

Music makes me HAPPY!

Dr. Corbin

All is well.

Taking a break.

Finished the train!

Love this little one! Such a goof! :)

The rest of the month of April was filled with Daxton's soccer games and most of which was rained out because of all the moisture we received.  But we did find a few good days in between to play outside and spend together. My brother was in town for a few days and we were able to get together a couple of times.  He was helping train and get the Chuck-a-Rama in Logan ready to open at get through it's first week of business.  It was great to spend a little time with him.  And then his family was able to stay with us so my niece Madilyn could perform at a Dance Competition here in Logan.  It was so much fun to have them with us.  Anyone is welcome to stay with us.  Our apartment is bigger than you would think.  We fit 9 extra people there.   Who could forget the trip to trip to the hospital?  Yes, we had Corbin pass out on me at the WIC appointment, had a convulsion and a minor concussion. He was transported in an ambulance without me there because Hayden was with me, and it was the most scared I have ever seen Corbin.  No pictures, but we were in the hospital for a few hours and it took Corbin a few weeks to finally eat his food without hurting and was bruised for about that long too.  I felt so bad for him.  But onto a happier note... EASTER!!!  Who can forget about Easter?  Not I!  It was a little different to have it at the end of the month, but we made do.  The boys were excited for Easter!  They woke us up on Easter Saturday morning saying the Easter Bunny left them CANDY!! and other good stuff.  They were excited for the eggs and candy, but most of all their new kites.
My niece Korryn with Hayden
Such two characters!


Easter bunny at MASA Easter Egg Hunt

The greatest people ever!  MASA friends

So with all the rain showers in April we were able to go and play outside and get those May flowers to bloom.  Here are a few things that we did. Start off, my  cute new niece, Chloe Rebecca Gillen was blessed in Payson.  We were able to go down for her blessing in my parents ward.  Such a great day to spend with family.

My sister, Chelsea, her husband Casey and Chloe

My sweet Grandpa Anderson
Chloe!  Such a cutie!

Then we went home and Mat started the next few days to study for his finals!!!  FINALS WEEK WAS CRAZY!!! It was so hard to not have the extra help that I needed, but I know it was necessary to shut himself in his room and all, but the kids for some reason were the worst ever those few days.... so in celebration on Friday with his last final we went to a matinĂ©e movie.. RIO!! and then to dinner that night to Texas Roadhouse for Mat and Daxton.  Daxton got a free kids meal to there for PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!  and then the next week I got a phone call from his teacher saying how much she appreciated Daxton and his example in the classroom and always good to follow directions and be one of the first to respond.  It made me so happy and please with how well he is doing in school!!! (and made me think... why doesn't he do it more often at home?!)

Goofy Hayden with 3D glasses on! 

Last thing... I promise.... Now that Mat has started back to school... for the summer at least.... we love to spend every moment that we can together.  We really enjoyed it the week in between semesters and fully took advantage of with spending it in the SUNSHINE most of the time.  And this last Sunday we were able to go to the Logan Temple and walk around the block and take pictures of the kids.  It was a lot of fun and very beautiful!

Just remember and stop and smell the flowers along the path of life.... it helps and brings comfort to you no matter the circumstances.  Take in the beauty and enjoy life!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There's"snow" season like snow season

I know it's time for Spring to come and winter to leave, but boy have my boys been having a lot of fun in the snow.  We have these HUGE snow piles behind our apartment and in front and they love to climb them and slide down.  The other day Daxton and Corbin climbed up and there was a little lip on it and it made them fly off it and slide down the rest of the pile.  They were having a blast, and I was starting to have a heart attack so I stopped watching and Mat kept taping them.
The other day we were still able to go sledding from the last bit of snow that we got.  It was a really wet snow and we were slipping a sliding trying to get back up the hill, but I have never seen all 3 of my boys have so much fun for something so simple as sliding down a hill. Hayden laughs every time and has the biggest grin on his face.  It's been fun to be able to spend that time with them.

I will have to find Mat's video of the boys and show you their craziness!  It has been fun so far in Logan.  We have found some friends here and have been enjoying the time together.  We do really miss being around all of our family and friends in Utah County though.  We were able to go over President's Day weekend to see all of our family.  My lil sister had her baby shower that weekend and it was fun to see her pregnant before she had her baby.  Although she was pretty miserable, she looked cute.  
There were a lot of family and friends that came to support her and it was so much fun.  We played just a few games, and Chelsea's mother-in-law was starting to get nervous, she doesn't do the game thing very often, but it was nice to see that she and I are on familiar terms and she will kid with me.  Chelsea's in-laws are great and they treat her well.  
Chloe sure got spoiled at the shower.  She got some WAY cute clothes and all the lil necessities that a baby needs.  Lots of diapers, wipes, socks and even the cute sunglasses.  She'll be stylin' for sure!!  Chloe Rebecca was born March 4, 2011 and weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 19.5 inches long.  Short and stout, but WAY CUTE!!!  I haven't uploaded the photos yet.  We made a quick, spontaneous trip to UT county to visit my new niece and see family and friends that we missed on our last trip 2 weeks earlier.  It was a well spent trip!