Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Update....

So I know that I haven't updated for about 3 months, but school has been doing great.... interesting but great.  I have been able to learn so much and I am enjoying my Geographic Information Systems (GIS) class.  I am just finishing up my final project for that class along with my final project for my Foundations of ESL.  I have 2 papers to do for my ESL class and I am DONE FOR THE SEMESTER!!!  I don't have any final tests, just projects.
Mat is doing well in his classes.  He just started a new job last night, but I am a little worried for him. It is a very labor intensive job. Good, because it keeps him active, but BAD because he works from 6pm to 6 am.  Last night the let him come home early around 3 am and he was nauseated and very worn out.  It makes both of us nervous if he would be able to survive going to school while working at this job.  We are just praying that if this isn't the right job that something will come up quickly for us to pay for our bills.  Keep us in your prayers that things will work out with a job and all, and if this is the job for us that he will have the stamina to do this and school.
Daxton is doing GREAT!! He loves school.  He is doing much better in reading that it amazes me everyday. We have him read a verse of scriptures every night and he getting better at that and recognizing words.  He loves Math and reading, but not so much of his writing.  He complains that he gets tired, so when it his the day to do penmanship... it's a long day to say the least... at least for homework.
Corbin is doing great in preschool.  He is quite the ladies man.  He has a few girlfriends that love to be with him at all times of the day.  It makes me laugh.  He is a very handsome young man, but to start this soon is going to be hard. He loves to come home and tell me about his day and is getting good at recognizing certain letters and numbers and knows most of them and most of his colors.  He is so smart and is almost at the same level as Daxton, in most things.  He is also my comedian and when I pull out my camera he always has a funny expression to give me.  He keeps us laughing around here.
Hayden is a cutie and keeps us going.  He is so much fun to watch.  He is getting to the stage where he has a great imagination and talks with his toys. We have even had to put some of his toys on time-out.  I guess this just shows me what conversations we are constantly having at home when I hear him playing.  Some are good, others have me a little worried and know that things need to change a little bit.  He so wants to go to school, but we are still waiting, but is constantly learning with his older brothers.
We are doing well and feeling very blessed.  We have such wonderful neighbors that have helped us out with our washer not working.  So thankful for all that the Lord has blessed our family with.  It amounts to more than I could ever give back to him in full.  Hope that you all have a wonderful Holiday season- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!