Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 to the end...

Sorry for not posting the last couple of months, but it's finally stopped being so crazy.  Well, Christmas for us was amazing.  Mat's mom and sister took over and did Christmas for us.  That was a stress relief.  I only had to focus on packing up and moving and not buying presents as well.  Mat finished his job at Ziplocal on the 23rd and we headed up to Draper that night and stayed till Christmas afternoon and headed to my parent's house.  It was fun to be with cousins and family for a couple of days and the kids loved it.  Christmas Eve was fun.  We had Mat's brother Scott and his family along with his 2 sisters over dinner that night at his mom's.  It was delicious and tons of food leftover.  After we ate, we decorated cookies, and had more than Santa needed.  But the boys were able to get their pj's from the elf and have been wearing those jammies has much as they can.  Daxton got Toy Story jammies, Corbin got Christmas Mickey ones and Hayden got Toy Story as well.  They are nice and soft too.  Christmas morning was fun, after reading the Nativity story and writing down what we were going to do for Jesus this next year we headed down stairs to open presents.  Corbin got everything he wanted for Christmas: a dog pillow pet and a scooter.  That's what he told every Santa and every person who asked and he got it.  They were blessed with 2 new outfits, at least, new shoes and more toys for me to pack up for the move.  Thank you Emily and Lynne for blessing our family and taking care of us when it was so crazy! We love you!!!  After we got ourselves ready for the day and got all we received packed up in the car, what we could at least, we headed to Payson and then to Salem for my family's Christmas Bingo party at my grandpa's house.  We had all my siblings there and all the grandkids.  19 and 2 on the way.
This year for Christmas I did the same idea for all the people we had for Christmas and made clocks.  I used a template from Heritage Makers and actually cut out some masonite and attached the clock hands.  It was a little more work than I was anticipating, but they turned out way cute!!  I hope all they received theirs enjoys them.  I hope to make one for myself.  Anyway, we were able to move up on the 28th of December.  We got the truck on the 27th and thanks to loving home teachers and great ward members and of course, family members, we were able to literally stuff all of our belongings into the truck and throughout the vehicles that were going up to Logan to help unload as well as take care of the kiddos.  We were moved in by 4pm and there then started the work of making our new apartment our home.
We have been here for 4 weeks now and it seems kind of crazy to think how reality still hasn't set in.  At first it felt kind of like a vacation home that we were just using for a week or so, but of course I was still unpacking and cleaning up box after box, but I still feel like I'm in a dream.    Anyway, on to the rest of my holiday say, so we were up here unpacking for a few days and then headed down to our friends The Bean's for New Years.  We were going to stay the night and spend the first part of the Year with them.  It was great!!!  The kids had a blast and the adults had a great time as well.  Daxton was a funny boy and fell asleep on the couch in the middle of everyone playing rock band at like 10:30pm.  I was a little shocked, but it was nice to not worry about our kids when the New Year came, because they were all asleep by that time.  We played fun interacting games, that for awhile we were laughing our heads off and then you knew when we were tired because we were getting a little ornery.
The next morning we headed to Santaquin where my nephew was to be baptized.  Such a great day!  1/1/11!!  Amazing little guy, now not so little, but growing up! We spent part of the day there with my family and then we headed up north.  We had to stop off to my parents house to get a few things and drop some off, and can I tell you it was really weird to walk into that house and not expect it to be the way it was when we were there.  There is no way that it will be the same because our furniture and pictures and things are not there anymore.  It seemed empty.  My mom never thought that she would have such a hard time because she has been at my grandpa's house, but she was struggling more than my dad.  I miss them! and I know that the boys miss them too.  We made a lot of stops along the way back to Logan, including Mat's parent's house where Mat was able to receive an amazing father's blessing.  We were all crying and the spirit was so strong.  I'm glad that we were able to be there with them for a few days before and then have such a wonderful ending.  Oh, I forgot to mention that we only brought our washer up with us, because we were told online that it was electric dryers only and we have gas.  Sooo... we found out the day we moved in that West Stadium Villa (WSV) has both electric and gas and Mat's parents were able to bring our dryer up to us.  Even though they were stuck in UT county traffic for about 3 hours (from Payson to Lehi) they were able to bring it up to us!!!  I'm so glad that they were!  Hand drying clothes in winter is not fun!
We were able to get Daxton registered at his Elementary school and found out that school starts at 8AM!!!!!  I didn't start school at that time till I was in 6th grade!  So we have Daxton in the afternoon Kindergarten for now because he gets up at 7:30am and it would be a struggle to fight him right now, so we will better prepare for that early morning next fall.  Daxton is doing speech and he has an ABC club that he is a part of that helps him with letters sounds and putting those sounds into words.  He has been doing that the last couple of days and really loves it.  He has already made so many new friends and I'm so happy for him.
Mat has started into his 2 week of classes and really loves it.  His busiest day is Wednesdays where he is on campus from 8am to 3:30pm.  It's like a normal work day for me, but you know you get used to him at home and it can be a little bit of a struggle.  The boys are adjusting well to daddy studying and doing homework and know that they can only do games and movies with daddy when daddy does his homework.   Mat has his own office space where he can close the door, put doorstops in front and know that the boys will not bother him while he studies.
Corbin and Hayden are doing well in adjusting to the move.  We are trying to get Corbin in Headstart, a government funded preschool, and are just waiting for word on if there is space available.  Hayden is doing well and loves his new nursery class at church.  Me, on the other hand, am doing pretty well. I have been able to get to know the girls in the area and have been on 1 girls night and another coming up tomorrow.  The girls in the area are great, but I still miss you girls down South or where ever you may be.  Well, this is what's going on with the Larsen's and photos are soon to come on what the place looks like and what we have been up to!