Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have a big boy on my hands!!!!

( My thoughts exactly Hayden! )
Well, if you couldn't tell from the title of this post I am going to talk about Hayden. He just turned 4 months on Thursday and I found out that day that he weighs more than even Corbin did at 4 months old. Hayden now weighs 17 lbs 10 oz and is 26 inches long. He is really big! He is in the 75-90% in head, weight and height. I don't have a new picture of him since my post two times ago, but really hasn't changed too much since then. He is starting to get his hair back quicker than Daxton and Corbin ever did. Daxton was pretty much bold until about 1 year ago. Corbin's came in faster and Hayden's is even faster than Corbin's. They are 3 completely different boys. Especially in looks. Corbin looks like me, Hayden looks like Mat and Daxton is a good mix between Mat and I. I just thought that you all would like to hear how our little guy is doing. He is such a cute little baby. He is starting to roll over now, he hasn't yet, but is getting really close. He loves to laugh and has such a BIG smile almost all day long. He is very happy baby. So far... (cross my fingers and knock on wood)... he will stay that way. That way I will be able to relax for a little while and not be constantly all over the place with all three of them. The other two keep me pretty busy enough and I hope Hayden will stay being so good for me. Anyway, I'm just rambling now. I will have to get some pictures of just Hayden up here for all of you to see how big and cute he is. He's a doll and a little angel.

Hayden can now turn himself 180 degrees when he is on his playmat as well. He's growing up so fast. I found a few pictures that I haven't put up yet. I hope that this gives you an idea how big this little one is. Plus I just want to show him off.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A wonderful weekend!

I had an awesome weekend. It was fun to be with my boys for the weekend. So on Friday my sister Apryl and her family came over to decorate cookies and have dinner with us. Well for dinner we had something that I haven't had before but have been told that it was really good. I finally tried......Salmon. It wasn't too bad. Oh, for those of you who don't know I don't like fish. Unless it is seasoned just right or if it is fish and chips at Chuck-A-Rama, other than that I won't eat. I think it is because I had to gut a fish when I was little and that just grossed me out ever since. Anyway, I tried it and it wasn't too bad, but I don't think that I would eat it very often. But we had fun decorating the cookies. Daxton and Corbin decorated cookies for their primary teachers and we were told that they were really good. I used Mat's mom's recipe and they are TO DIE FOR!!! Oh, and my sister made the frosting and that just topped them off. It was fun. After dinner we got all the kids into pjs and we, as adults, played a game and it was a lot of fun. I think the game is called Celestial Companions. It was fun to see how well I really know Mat and how well he knows me.
On Saturday Mat and I got reservations to Tucanos. We were leaving the two older boys with my dad and we took Hayden with us. We had a really good time. We ended up getting in half an hour after our reservation time which is really good considering it was Valentine's Day and they were really busy. We were so full by the time we left Tucanos. The special for that day was all you can eat for 15.95 and we were really excited. Along with that every girl was given a rose and everyone was given chocolate covered strawberries and they were really good. It was so nice to be with Mat and spend that time with him without the other two older boys. Hayden was really good for us. He ended up waking up but wasn't fussy at all for us. It was really nice. After our really fullfilling lunch we went home and played with the boys and that night we were having a sitter come and watch the two boys again so that we could go dancing. So we made pizza with the boys and Mat and I were so full still from lunch that we didn't eat much but it was really good. We got the boys into bathes for church the next day and then our sitter came. Our stake was doing a Valentine's dance. Although it was not advertised very well. Mat was told in Elders Quorum but I wasn't told in Relief Society. We thought that we would try it out and see how many people were going to be there and then decide from there what we wanted to do. This was the first time that Mat and I had danced together since we got engaged 5 years ago. I know 5 years ago we had gotten engaged and we went to the Sweetheart dance at the Institute. That was the last public dance that we went to. Soooo...... I really wanted to go and check out the dance with our stake. However, when we walked into the church there were not very many people there, but who is at the start of a dance. We waited it out and then some dance teachers came and taught us all how to cha-cha, waltz and swing. IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! Hayden ended up falling asleep, thank goodness, and Mat and I were able to dance the rest of the night without any worries. I haven't had that much fun with Mat dancing in a long time. Mat says that we need to take a dance class, but I don't know where we need to go to do that in our area. If anyone knows please let me know. After we had our lessons with the teachers we danced for a little bit longer and then we went and got a movie and came home. I was excited that it took me awhile to finally calm myself down to go to bed. I had such an exhilarted feeling. That was the best day of this year so far. It was so much fun. I'm not the best dancer but I sure did try my hardest. I hope that you all had a good Valentine's Day. I am so excited to go to the Draper Temple in a few weeks with my family and to spend that time with them. Love you all! Have a great day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My silly boys!!

Well I so I wanted to post these pictures of my boys that were over this last week and weekend and to tell you what my boys have been up to. My first big boy, Mat, has been just working and helping me at home when he can. He's so amazing and I love him to pieces. Daxton has been a hand full lately with being Mr. Attitude. I hope that he grows out of it, otherwise I am in big trouble when he gets to be a teenager. It has to be his way or he is NOT a happy camper. AHHH some days he really pushes all my buttons and then I have to remember that he is only 3 1/2 years old and hopefully he will get better and just LISTEN to me. Corbin is also a little Mr. Attitude, but a little flare. He just makes me laugh more than anything which can be just as frustrating. He loves to read books and get into as much trouble with throwing all the toys, shoes, coats, books onto the floor. So he is also a little tornado and you can see where he has been. So we are constantly picking up toys, books, shoes, coats from the floor, and he does a pretty good job at putting everything back. He is a good little helper, when he wants to be and sometimes when you don't want him to be. So is the life of a 20 month old, right?!?! Hayden is getting so big. He is laughing for me now and he loves to show off his smile. If he doesn't know people he will put out that bottom lip and let it quiver for you and just give you this sad look, like saying, "Mom, who is this and don't you want me?" It makes me kind of sad to see that face. Hayden does love his brothers and his brothers love him just the same and I have to pictures to prove it. For me I am just a mom at home that gets a kick out of what my boys can come up with to entertain themselves. I am just glad that Daxton loves to use his imagination. Like the other day he was "throwing" snowballs at me in the house and we were trying to get daddy and we were "building" a snowman and Mama got Daxton with a snowball down his back. It was a lot of fun and it does keep things interesting around the house. Thank goodness Mat knows how to play along, most of the time when he isn't frustrated with him.

Hayden getting ready for bed and being so funny.

Ok, so I need to explain this picture a little bit. There is book that we have called, Clarence the curious calf. In the book are different animals that Clarence meets and my dad came up with little actions to them for Corbin to get involved a little bit. For example, Clarence meets a bunny rabbit and asks why he has big feet? The rabbit replies that he hops on his big feet. And so my dad uses his two fingers and has them hopping around. Well, for this picture he meets a mole. The mole squints his eyes because he is not use to the sunlight and Corbin usually does this but a little while ago I asked him what does a mole do and this is the face that he gave me? It cracked me up. And for the sound of a sheep instead of BAAH, it's BLAAHH! He is a character. I love his facial expressions and apparently he imitates me. Which is kind of an interesting thought to me.

The next couple of pictures are of my SUPER HEROES!!! Daxton asked me yesterday if I could make him SUPERMAN and to get the camera. So that's what I did and Corbin wanted to be SUPERMAN too. Doing everything that big brother does.

Daxton wanted to play train and so they were THOMAS the TRAIN. See here is Daxton's imagination at work. I love it!

This one made me laugh so hard. I was cooking lunch the other day when I turned around and saw this. The boys had piled all of their blankets onto Hayden and then Corbin put this pot lid on his head for a hat. I had to take a picture of it on my phone to send to Mat. Truly they have Brotherly love for their littlest brother. What will they come up with next? They sure keep me on my toes that's for sure.

On last Saturday we took the boys outside to play a little bit and to build a snowman that Daxton has been asking for since it first started snowing in October just that little bit. So that is what we did. He also wanted a Santa Claus, but Corbin was getting tired and ornery and needed to take a nap. Here are a couple shots of the boys playing outside. Of course, knowing me I took tons more, but I won't bore you with anymore photos of my boys.