Friday, October 24, 2008

Here's our New Addition

I finally had Hayden Kendon Larsen Sunday October 19th @ 6:41 am. I went into labor Saturday night about 8:30pm and went to the hospital about 11 pm. The checked me and I was at a 3 and my cervix was tipped backwards (posterior). My contractions were about every 5 minutes and an hour later they checked me and I was at a 5 and my cervix was still tipped back. But they still admitted me to the hospital and I continued to be in labor but was trying really hard to be strong and not get an epidural. Around 2:30 the nurses came into check on me and I was having really bad contractions and decided to get an epidural and they came to check me again and I was at an 8. I almost didn't get that epidural. They hurried and got the guy to give me my epidural. I felt a lot better when he was done. An hour later I was at a 10, but my water was not broken yet, which was good because they let me rest for awhile until my water broke. At 5:10 am my water broke and it was the most painful thing ever. I think it was more because of my contractions were really strong and very painful. They started having me push at 6 am and then my contractions slowed way down and were not on top of each other (which happened with the other boys) and many pushes later came our little Hayden Kendon Larsen weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. For being 5 days early not too bad. He would have been almost 9 lbs if he came on his due date. Wow!! Well I hope that all is well for everyone else. We are doing well here. The boys love Hayden and Corbin loves to give "baby" kisses every chance he can get. Love you all!! Hope that you like the pictures we have of Hayden. The pictures of Corbin and Daxton with messy faces is after we got eclairs from a ward member and they devoured them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch adventure in details

Mat and I went to the pumpkin patch in Santaquin with my older sister, Apryl and her family. We were going to go with some of our friends, but things came up at the last minute. We still wanted to go, especially before the baby comes, so we called up my sister and we went. It was really nice. Not a lot of people were there and we were not crammed onto to the wagon like we were last year. We had a really good time. We just had fun with the boys just looking through the little picture booths and around all the pumpkins. Their challenge was to find the biggest pumpkin and we think we found it, but we didn't buy one because we have some in our little garden at home. On our way back to the barn we were singing songs and having a really good time. We got back to my sisters house and had hamburger soup and fresh rolls. Yummy!!! Then we promised the boys that we would have some ice cream, too. It wasn't much of an adventure other than keeping 4 boys that can walk in the same area and the two babies, Easton and Zach (Apryl's sister-in-laws little boy) happy and occupied. It was a good time, especially since it rained the next day all day. Thank you Apryl for coming with us and hope to keep this a tradition.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

State Fair and playing the piano with Mama

On the 13th of September Mat and I went with my brother Josh and his family, as well as my sister Chelsea and brother Ryan to the Utah State Fair. We had a really good time. We were only up there for a few hours, but we were able to go and do what we wanted to do and had fun with kids. One of our favorite things to do is to go the "Little Hands on the Farm." This is where the kids can experience what it is like to be a farmer and get rewarded at the end. Here are Daxton and Corbin gathering fruits and vegetables from the garden as well as Corbin riding his "tractor" to get some of the work done. The boys had a blast and it was a chance for Corbin to get out of the stroller and stretch his legs a little bit.

Here is Daxton with my mom (Mama) one Sunday afternoon being Ray Charles and playing the piano. Daxton cannot go anywhere without those sunglasses. He's my real cool dude.

Canning with Mama (Grandma)

So this summer has been pretty busy with my dad retiring from teaching in the school district, to all my boys birthdays in June plus my anniversary, while at the same time at the end of June my parent's kitchen was being remodeled and all the family vacations, then my sisters wedding in July and major family reunion just before her wedding, then a couple days after my sisters wedding my mom fell and shattered her cheek bone which put her out of work for about a month, while at the same time I have been canning up a storm with my sisters and sister-in-laws. We have bottled over 200 varieties of vegetables and fruits for storage, including green beans, peaches, apples, corn, salsa, tomatoes, and zucchini pineapple (sounds weird but is really good- It tastes like pineapple but has the texture of a pear.) We have had fun, but man it tires me out even more since I have been pregnant. I thought that I would show you a couple of pictures of my boys helping my mom get started on some of the canning.
Above is Daxton and Corbin in their aprons helping Mama get the peaches ready to be peeled and put into bottles.
Aren't they just cute!! And they are my big helpers. Let's see how big of helpers when the baby comes.
Here is Corbin with Mama getting the apples peeled, cored and sliced to be made into either applesauce or apple pie filling. Both taste yummy!!

We didn't can as much as we did last year, but it sure kept us all busy for about 3 months this summer. I have really enjoyed doing this, especially when I have been able to spend time with my mom and sisters. We always have a good time and it also gives our kids the opportunity to play together.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My roomies wedding!!!!

Mat and I were so excited to get the invite to Colette and Brett's wedding. We had met Brett back in January and we went on a double date and found out some funny things. One is that Brett grew up in Orangeville, UT and Mat's family is from Huntington and Ferron, UT and Brett knows a lot of Mat's family. The other funny thing is that Brett is the same height as Mat and has the same color of hair. We are so excited for Colette and Brett and hope and wish the best for them. Here are a few photos that we took at their reception in South Salt Lake.
Here we are with the newly weds, Brett & Colette Day!!

Corbin, Nikol, Colette Day, Chelsey Bean and McKayla Bean

One of my other roomates Valerie Crawford and Me. I was so excited to see Val.

We saw a few of our other Snow College friends at the reception and we just had a blast being able to see so many people that we haven't since we have been first married. Love you all!