Thursday, October 2, 2008

My roomies wedding!!!!

Mat and I were so excited to get the invite to Colette and Brett's wedding. We had met Brett back in January and we went on a double date and found out some funny things. One is that Brett grew up in Orangeville, UT and Mat's family is from Huntington and Ferron, UT and Brett knows a lot of Mat's family. The other funny thing is that Brett is the same height as Mat and has the same color of hair. We are so excited for Colette and Brett and hope and wish the best for them. Here are a few photos that we took at their reception in South Salt Lake.
Here we are with the newly weds, Brett & Colette Day!!

Corbin, Nikol, Colette Day, Chelsey Bean and McKayla Bean

One of my other roomates Valerie Crawford and Me. I was so excited to see Val.

We saw a few of our other Snow College friends at the reception and we just had a blast being able to see so many people that we haven't since we have been first married. Love you all!


Aaron and Chels

Oh YAY!!! I'm so excited you have a blog! I love blogs and I love you guys! I was way excited to see the pictures you put on of Colette's wedding!!! You guys are the best!

The Lara Family

I'm so glad you got pictures! Seeing those brought back a lot of memories.