Friday, July 17, 2009

Funny video of Hayden swinging

So we had a lot of fun on Monday. We took the kids on Saturday to the Payson Scottish Festival and they had a great time. Daxton got his face painted with a big grizzly bear on it and the boys had fun dancing to the bagpipes and the drums. At the end we let them play at the playground and we just relaxed while watching them. Well they didn't get enough time to play so we decided to take them for part of family night. And we had a great time just letting the boys play around and get all tired out at the end of the day. Well, we had Corbin and Hayden in the swings all strapped in and just letting them have fun being pushed. Normally when we have put Hayden in he flips out and won't sit in it, even if Mat and I are swinging with him he just clutches on for dear life. Well he enjoyed it a little bit this time and we got him on video with the small pushes and just laughing and playing. Mat decided to push him a little bit harder and that's were this terrified expression comes in when he is going forward and it just made me laugh so hard. Excuse my laugh on the video I think that it's rediculous and just ignore me and enjoy watching the video of Hayden.

It starts..... the canning season!!!

Wow!! I can't believe that it is already canning season for us already. I just seems that we just finished doing last years stuff and now.... tadah green beans are ready to be picked, snapped and processed. We processed 49 quarts today. We did our garden and got almost two 5 gal buckets filled and went over to my grandpa's and got the other bucket filled plus one more 5 gal bucket. THREE 5 GALLON BUCKETS!!!! I can't believe that that is how canning season starts off... with a BANG!!! So to reward myself, the boys (Mat, Daxton, and Corbin) went off to Father and Sons with our ward and I was left with Hayden. Well, actually I left Hayden with my parents to go play Bunco with my sister and some of the ladies from her ward. It was a nice way to remove all the stress of getting the green beans picked, snapped and processed as well as the raspberries picked and cleaned. Along with keeping the boys happy and not hurting each other or their cousins and getting everything else done plus all the other things that just happen when 6 little boys are around each other almost all day. YIPPEE!!! So it was a nice reward to play, chat, eat and LAUGH all night long with girls and just let it all out. AWWWW!!! So I get to wake up to one little boy rather than 3 screaming for me. I am so excited and hope and pray that all went well for Mat and the other 2 boys tonight. I'm excited that next year Mat is going to take all 3 boys with him. YAAAH!!! That is one benefit of having boys.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My amazing, superboy.... DAXTON!!!

So yesterday Daxton went to the dentist for the first time yesterday, I know I am a bad mom for waiting until he was 4 to get it done, but I was honestly a little nervous on how he would do, plus he had to go to get into the preschool I have him signed up for. So he went and I kept asking him if he was scared. He would tell me no. We talked about what all the dentist was going to do and he wasn't scared at all, he was really excited. He knew that he had to do this to go to school. He was awesome. He sat in the "space chair" to have the dental assistant clean his teeth and he was able to watch a movie, but of course there was a bright light above him so she put on these really cool looking sunglasses that he loved and thought were his afterwards and enjoyed the movie, and smiled really big for the dentist. The dentist even said that the spacing in between his teeth are good because when he gets his big boy teeth in, the permanents, there will be enough room for them to grow in and there will be the unlikelyhood of him having to get braces, YEAH!!!! So far he has my teeth and not his daddy's. But he was excited to get that done and now he keeps asking me when school will start. I'm so sad that my little boy is growing up so fast and he is such a good looking kid since he got his haircut and he looks so much older than he really is.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!

I hope that all have a wonderful Independence Day. I am have had the privilege to spend it with my family. We had my brother, Ryan and his family come over last night for dutch oven dinner and we camped out in the backyard. The privileges of having the backyard very woodsy like. We had a lot of fun and we also did our fireworks last night, too. It was great. The screamers that are usually so loud and annoying and the kids get afraid of them didn't really scare my kids. They sounded just like my dad's truck when he starts it up and then it will just stop and Corbin kept saying: Papa's truck silly! And from that point on he wasn't afraid of the silly screaming fireworks and he was ok with them. However, my neice, Phebe didn't like and jumped right up into my sister-in-laws lap. We had a great time last night and we are almost done with our yardwork projects for this summer as far as us putting in all the work. We have moved sheds, pulled out bushes, put in new ones, built new sheds and moved all of our junk around and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will have new concrete in our driveway and be done with all of our outside projects. YEAH!!! Well, again I wish you a safe, fun INDEPENDENCE DAY!! and Let FREEDOM Ring!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cute videos of Hayden

This is Hayden dancing to the music off of Daxton's Backyardagains guitar. He loves to dance to any music period, but lately it has been from the guitar. Isn't he just a cutie?!?!?!

Hayden trying to mimic me when I make a kissy face. It's so cute!! I finally got it on video.