Friday, July 17, 2009

It starts..... the canning season!!!

Wow!! I can't believe that it is already canning season for us already. I just seems that we just finished doing last years stuff and now.... tadah green beans are ready to be picked, snapped and processed. We processed 49 quarts today. We did our garden and got almost two 5 gal buckets filled and went over to my grandpa's and got the other bucket filled plus one more 5 gal bucket. THREE 5 GALLON BUCKETS!!!! I can't believe that that is how canning season starts off... with a BANG!!! So to reward myself, the boys (Mat, Daxton, and Corbin) went off to Father and Sons with our ward and I was left with Hayden. Well, actually I left Hayden with my parents to go play Bunco with my sister and some of the ladies from her ward. It was a nice way to remove all the stress of getting the green beans picked, snapped and processed as well as the raspberries picked and cleaned. Along with keeping the boys happy and not hurting each other or their cousins and getting everything else done plus all the other things that just happen when 6 little boys are around each other almost all day. YIPPEE!!! So it was a nice reward to play, chat, eat and LAUGH all night long with girls and just let it all out. AWWWW!!! So I get to wake up to one little boy rather than 3 screaming for me. I am so excited and hope and pray that all went well for Mat and the other 2 boys tonight. I'm excited that next year Mat is going to take all 3 boys with him. YAAAH!!! That is one benefit of having boys.



Oh I wish I knew how to can! It sounds like so much work but such an awesome thing to do! I'm glad you got a small break from your strss. We love you!

The Larsen's

It can be a lot of work, but I do this with my sister(s) and mom most of the time and that helps out a lot. You should come down and can with me sometime. It really isn't that hard, just time consuming. Love you guys too.