Friday, July 10, 2009

My amazing, superboy.... DAXTON!!!

So yesterday Daxton went to the dentist for the first time yesterday, I know I am a bad mom for waiting until he was 4 to get it done, but I was honestly a little nervous on how he would do, plus he had to go to get into the preschool I have him signed up for. So he went and I kept asking him if he was scared. He would tell me no. We talked about what all the dentist was going to do and he wasn't scared at all, he was really excited. He knew that he had to do this to go to school. He was awesome. He sat in the "space chair" to have the dental assistant clean his teeth and he was able to watch a movie, but of course there was a bright light above him so she put on these really cool looking sunglasses that he loved and thought were his afterwards and enjoyed the movie, and smiled really big for the dentist. The dentist even said that the spacing in between his teeth are good because when he gets his big boy teeth in, the permanents, there will be enough room for them to grow in and there will be the unlikelyhood of him having to get braces, YEAH!!!! So far he has my teeth and not his daddy's. But he was excited to get that done and now he keeps asking me when school will start. I'm so sad that my little boy is growing up so fast and he is such a good looking kid since he got his haircut and he looks so much older than he really is.



That is so awesome!! How do you get him to brush his teeth?? I have to bribe my 2 year old just to get it done!! Well done!