Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!

I hope that all have a wonderful Independence Day. I am have had the privilege to spend it with my family. We had my brother, Ryan and his family come over last night for dutch oven dinner and we camped out in the backyard. The privileges of having the backyard very woodsy like. We had a lot of fun and we also did our fireworks last night, too. It was great. The screamers that are usually so loud and annoying and the kids get afraid of them didn't really scare my kids. They sounded just like my dad's truck when he starts it up and then it will just stop and Corbin kept saying: Papa's truck silly! And from that point on he wasn't afraid of the silly screaming fireworks and he was ok with them. However, my neice, Phebe didn't like and jumped right up into my sister-in-laws lap. We had a great time last night and we are almost done with our yardwork projects for this summer as far as us putting in all the work. We have moved sheds, pulled out bushes, put in new ones, built new sheds and moved all of our junk around and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will have new concrete in our driveway and be done with all of our outside projects. YEAH!!! Well, again I wish you a safe, fun INDEPENDENCE DAY!! and Let FREEDOM Ring!