Friday, July 17, 2009

Funny video of Hayden swinging

So we had a lot of fun on Monday. We took the kids on Saturday to the Payson Scottish Festival and they had a great time. Daxton got his face painted with a big grizzly bear on it and the boys had fun dancing to the bagpipes and the drums. At the end we let them play at the playground and we just relaxed while watching them. Well they didn't get enough time to play so we decided to take them for part of family night. And we had a great time just letting the boys play around and get all tired out at the end of the day. Well, we had Corbin and Hayden in the swings all strapped in and just letting them have fun being pushed. Normally when we have put Hayden in he flips out and won't sit in it, even if Mat and I are swinging with him he just clutches on for dear life. Well he enjoyed it a little bit this time and we got him on video with the small pushes and just laughing and playing. Mat decided to push him a little bit harder and that's were this terrified expression comes in when he is going forward and it just made me laugh so hard. Excuse my laugh on the video I think that it's rediculous and just ignore me and enjoy watching the video of Hayden.