Sunday, May 22, 2011

April showers bring and May flowers!

( Forewarning.... LONG POST!!  Be prepared for reading and pictures... Enjoy!)

I find that if I do 2 months at a time that I can get at least something accomplished!  Right?!!?  Anyway, the month of April was filled with my birthday and Mat finishing up the Spring Semester and preparing for finals.  My birthday starts off the month and from there it usually is pretty good, even if the weather is normally pretty bad.  We were able to spend my birthday with SUNSHINE!!!  Nice 60 degree weather and lots of time outside.  It was so nice not to do house work or anything like that, and it was on a Friday, which meant that Conference was that weekend also.  That's right most of the time I get the Prophets and Apostles to speak on my birthday which is a nice treat (although, I will have to admit that I hated it as a kid because it meant that I couldn't play with my things outside, but now I enjoy it).  It was a nice to spend the weekend with Mat's parents.  Although it ended up raining and then snowing, I at least spent my birthday with SUNSHINE!! The boys were able to go to the swimming pool where my in-laws were staying and swim, while Mat and his dad went to the priesthood session.  It was a good time to spend with Grandma, one on one and I know the kids enjoyed it too.
 My Birthday Cake with a flameless candle.
 Me and my boys after getting in jammies to watch a movie for my birthday.
 Hayden playing a game on Mat's phone during Conference break.
Me and my sweetheart!
That next week was Daxton's Spring Break and although we didn't do too much, because of the rain, we were able to go down to Ogden's Children's Museum with Mat's sister, Emily and her family.  We spent the night in Layton at their home and then headed up together to the Museum.  It was such a great time and glad to spend with cousins and family.  (Pictures will follow)  The boys loved it.  It was fun to see what their likes and desires were and their favorite places to play at the Treehouse Museum.  The music area was by far their favorite, but they liked to go through all the cultural areas downstairs.  They spent a lot of time with the Cowboy area and then, of course the trains at the end of our time there.
Hayden and Andrew played in the dirty water!

Daxton at the Tree House Museum

Daxton and Cami on the bull!

Best friends!

Map of counties in Utah

Inside a Mongolian Hogan

Nephew Andrew and brother-in-law Kyle seeing
reflection and fish.

The Coolest Tree House ever with the coolest sister!

Playing music

Drums are awesome!

Favorite place of all!

Hayden was cute to watch with the doctor area and playing
with the babies.

Landon and Daxton on the mast of the boat.


My firefighters.

Cute picture

The next in the oval office is.....

Music makes me HAPPY!

Dr. Corbin

All is well.

Taking a break.

Finished the train!

Love this little one! Such a goof! :)

The rest of the month of April was filled with Daxton's soccer games and most of which was rained out because of all the moisture we received.  But we did find a few good days in between to play outside and spend together. My brother was in town for a few days and we were able to get together a couple of times.  He was helping train and get the Chuck-a-Rama in Logan ready to open at get through it's first week of business.  It was great to spend a little time with him.  And then his family was able to stay with us so my niece Madilyn could perform at a Dance Competition here in Logan.  It was so much fun to have them with us.  Anyone is welcome to stay with us.  Our apartment is bigger than you would think.  We fit 9 extra people there.   Who could forget the trip to trip to the hospital?  Yes, we had Corbin pass out on me at the WIC appointment, had a convulsion and a minor concussion. He was transported in an ambulance without me there because Hayden was with me, and it was the most scared I have ever seen Corbin.  No pictures, but we were in the hospital for a few hours and it took Corbin a few weeks to finally eat his food without hurting and was bruised for about that long too.  I felt so bad for him.  But onto a happier note... EASTER!!!  Who can forget about Easter?  Not I!  It was a little different to have it at the end of the month, but we made do.  The boys were excited for Easter!  They woke us up on Easter Saturday morning saying the Easter Bunny left them CANDY!! and other good stuff.  They were excited for the eggs and candy, but most of all their new kites.
My niece Korryn with Hayden
Such two characters!


Easter bunny at MASA Easter Egg Hunt

The greatest people ever!  MASA friends

So with all the rain showers in April we were able to go and play outside and get those May flowers to bloom.  Here are a few things that we did. Start off, my  cute new niece, Chloe Rebecca Gillen was blessed in Payson.  We were able to go down for her blessing in my parents ward.  Such a great day to spend with family.

My sister, Chelsea, her husband Casey and Chloe

My sweet Grandpa Anderson
Chloe!  Such a cutie!

Then we went home and Mat started the next few days to study for his finals!!!  FINALS WEEK WAS CRAZY!!! It was so hard to not have the extra help that I needed, but I know it was necessary to shut himself in his room and all, but the kids for some reason were the worst ever those few days.... so in celebration on Friday with his last final we went to a matinée movie.. RIO!! and then to dinner that night to Texas Roadhouse for Mat and Daxton.  Daxton got a free kids meal to there for PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!  and then the next week I got a phone call from his teacher saying how much she appreciated Daxton and his example in the classroom and always good to follow directions and be one of the first to respond.  It made me so happy and please with how well he is doing in school!!! (and made me think... why doesn't he do it more often at home?!)

Goofy Hayden with 3D glasses on! 

Last thing... I promise.... Now that Mat has started back to school... for the summer at least.... we love to spend every moment that we can together.  We really enjoyed it the week in between semesters and fully took advantage of with spending it in the SUNSHINE most of the time.  And this last Sunday we were able to go to the Logan Temple and walk around the block and take pictures of the kids.  It was a lot of fun and very beautiful!

Just remember and stop and smell the flowers along the path of life.... it helps and brings comfort to you no matter the circumstances.  Take in the beauty and enjoy life!!!