Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Weekend!

Wow! Christmas weekend was kind of crazy. We had a great time when my all of my family got together at my mom's house on the Saturday after Christmas for a BINGO party for all the grandkids. When I was little we would go to my grandma's house during Christmas time and play BINGO. My mom decided to keep the tradition that her mother started and keep it going through her own grandkids. It was the easiest way to keep the kids involved with Christmas in a special way with their MAMA (that's what grandma is to the grandkids). The kids had a blast. And after BINGO was over the kids all played with the simple toys that they all got and had a blast while the adults played some games.
Here is beautiful picture of my neice Madilyn. She's the oldest grandchild and next January (of 2010) she will be 12. I can't believe it. She's gorgeous though.
Here is Mat with Daxton and my nephew Christian helping them play BINGO.

Here is all 31 of my family crammed into my mom's tiny house. Okay not all 31 are showing in the picture, but we did have 31 in the house that night. It was cramped but we didn't mind being so close to one other. We had a blast.

The next day we blessed Hayden. I know that it wasn't on a fast Sunday, but I like to do blessings when I know that all of my family will be there. It happened to be that my brother from Idaho was going to be down and able to participate. It's hard for him to get Sundays off from work and I was glad that he and his family were able to be there. We had a good time. We had a small luncheon at my sister Apryl's house. She has a bigger home that would be able to hold all of my family as well as Mat's large family as well.
This is my nephew Dalan and he is showing his sticky Coolwhip fingers and saying that he's a T-Rex. ROARRRRR!!!!

Here is my dad (PAPA) with Hayden and Korryn. Korryn is 6 days older than Hayden but you would never know it if you looked at her. She is soo tiny. Especially compared to my 14 lbs little bundle of joy.

Here I am with Hayden the morning of the blessing.

Here's Mat with Hayden. Don't they look like twins?

Here are my boys in their new church outfits from Grandma. Their so cute!

Here is Hayden in his blessing outfit. I love this picture. (He's smiling at Mat.)
Doesn't he have a cute smile? He makes me smile everytime I see him. So too cute not to smile at.
Our New Years was spent at our house with my family. We just stayed up playing games until about 2 am and I'm not used to that especially if I have to get up during the night to feed Hayden. But it was fun. It was full of laughter and good memories of my mom being silly, especially when she gets really tired. It makes everything just that much more fun.
Hope all of good goals set for this year and hope all goes well for you.


Aaron and Chels

Oh Nikol! I love the pictures of the blessing! Hayden is quite a handsome man! He does look a lot like Mat! Well now that we're in our new place you guys will have to come up for dinner and games!!! We miss you tons! Congrats on the blessing and having a wonderful Christmas & New Years!