Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Update

Alrighty!! Here we go reminiscing about our Christmas Break! It was such a nice break, too. Mat was off of work for the week and a half because his company was doing a furlough, but they were able to use their PTO (that wasn't going over to the next year anyway) to pay for the break. So Mat got a week and a half paid vacation. It was nice to have him around. Mat started the break with us on Christmas Eve. It was a fairly relaxing day, even though we were having most of my family over that night for dinner and Christmas Caroling. That's the tradition my parents started a long time ago to get my brothers tuckered out and ready for bed at a decent hour and it's been a tradition ever since. It was a lot of fun to go caroling. It was our biggest crowd ever!! We had 22 carolers (kids included). We were missing only 2 of my siblings and their family. We have a total of 31 until my sister and sister-in-law have their babies in the next few months. HOORAY!!! Anyway, after caroling we played a few games, had our ELF come and drop off our new PJ's and sent the boys off to bed after they put out the Reindeer food on the lawn so that Santa would remember to stop by our house. We set the cookies and juice out for Santa and UH, the boys were down!!!! Hayden fell asleep on my lap as we were driving around caroling and slept for a total of 12 hours. Tired lil boy!

Hayden on Christmas Day walking around and playing with the hammer that came with a toolbox for Corbin. Hayden is now walking around like CRAZY and started walking around more comfortable the week of Christmas and now is starting to run. It makes life more interesting.
On Christmas morning we got woken up by Daxton at 7am and was SOOOOO excited for Christmas! We had to wait until Corbin was up, though and that was pretty tough for Daxton who couldn't wait to see what Santa brought them. Finally, we told him that we would wait until 7:30 until we woke up Corbin, and right at 7:30 Corbin woke up on his own. The boys ran downstairs and were very excited to see what Santa brought them.
The boys in their matching ELF pjs.

Hayden with a new toy that lasted for about 5 minutes of his interest and that was about it.

Corbin with his new sword that he asked Santa for and Daxton with a BUZZ Lightyear toy from Santa.

The many presents for the boys and the smiles that came with them were what you look forward to seeing each time. It was a great Christmas! Mat and I didn't get much for each other, we looked forward and wanted more for our boys! The best part of Christmas is to see the smiles on the kids faces and them not complaining (until there are no more presents to open).
After we had our Sausage Bake for breakfast we got ourselves dressed and ready to head up to Mat's parent's house and spent a few hours up there with them and a few of their cousins. It was a great time and very relaxing. We came back and spent a little time by ourselves before my family came back over for our traditional Christmas Dinner at my parent's house, and then played games.