Monday, January 25, 2010


No we are not expecting another child at this time.  Our happy news is that we are going to be having a temple in PAYSON!!!!!  I can't get over the fact that for more than half of my life there has been this silly rumor that there will be a temple in Payson, and it has never happened, until today!!!  I'm so thrilled that there will be one so close to us and that we can visit often with our boys and that they will be able to help out in so many ways that it boggles my mind right now.  I can't wait to help out with the open house and whatever else they need.  I'm so excited if you couldn't tell.  I loved having a temple really close when I was at school in Ephraim as well as in Logan were you were moments away.  Not to say that Provo is sooooo far away, but to have a temple less than 5 minutes away is amazing!!!  It's definitely an answer to my prayers and will be such a blessing to have, not only for me but for my family.  Daxton is way excited for the temple and he loves the song, "I love to see the Temple!"  Anyway, I just thought that I would share a little bit of happiness and pass it on to you!

“Temples answer those soul-searching questions of the purpose of life, of why we are here and where we are going. They are sanctuaries from the storms of life and bless the lives of members of the Church who worship within their sacred walls,” said President Monson.


Megan Campbell Carter

I'm so excited for you guys! I was thinking about how excited you would be when I heard about it yesterday from my mom.