Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a month!!!

I have some of the silliest boys around. They are constantly making "piles" of everything in their room. From blankets and pillows to stuffed animals and even their beds. I'm constantly getting after them for pulling their mattresses off of their bed, but doesn't always mean that they obey everytime. They now start to bring their "piles" into the front room, which I don't really like either, but it's hard to argue when they are playing so well. I'm glad that they love to play with each other and hope that they will always remember that friends come and go, but family will always be there. That's something that my mom taught me growing up and I want to pass that down, because I know that that little phrase and helped me and my siblings, especially my sisters and I, become the best of friends.
Bad picture of Hayden but he loves to walk around and show off. He's a sweetie!

Daxton makes me laugh. I was talking to my sister and I turned around and there was Daxton sitting in the basket on the chair. He's my lil gymnist who is very flexible and amazes me with what he can get himself into.

A rough day and he CRASHED!!! Lately I will talk to him and then for a couple of minutes do something else, turn around and BOOM he's asleep. He won't sleep in his bed anymore, but will sleep on the couch watching a show. Usually it's around 3:30 and wakes up around 4:30 to 5 pm and won't sleep at night. Lil stinker!

Hayden has been sick a few times this month. Poor guy!! He had strep at the beginning of the month along with Daxton. Then Corbin got it later that week. A couple weeks later, boom, he's got an ear infection. He has been so sick the last couple of days. It makes me so sad to see him in so much pain. He crashed around 7pm last night on the couch. Sweet picture!! I feel so bad for him. Now that he's got the antibiotic in his system a little bit, he's much better and sleeping a lot better.


Aleca Rose

You have such a cute family, your kids are adorable. I totally remember trying to fit into anything I could (like baskets) and having a hard time getting out lol but i'm sure he can wiggle his way out of anything :) I hope your little guy gets feeling better!

Lara Family

Such cute boys! I still can't believe you already have three little ones. It's amazing what kids do!