Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Decorating!

Here is our tradition for the past 3 years-- DECORATING pumpkins!!!! We decided to wait until closer to Halloween so that they last longer. Although we got Daxton a pumpkin when we went to the pumpkin patch at the beginning of the month and it started to shrivel up, BUT it turned out to be a great OLD MAN pumpkin, toothless and all. The boys had a great time decorating their pumpkins. Corbin I think had the most fun with playing in the seeds, guts and all the fun stuff when doing pumpkins. I'm glad that we do have a few traditions of our own even when living with my parents. I helps make it feel like we are on our own.
Here is Corbin making silly faces and Daxton is decorating Hayden's pumpkin for me. It turned out pretty good too. Daxton loves to color and draw.

Mat wanted to do PacMan... so did you ever wonder what was inside PacMan?
Here it is!!!! EWWW and GOOO!

This is what they looked like outside. The top one is Corbin's and his mouth is like fire, the Daxton's old man, the mine with the O face then Hayden next to that, and on the bottom is Mat's PacMan scene with the Ghost and all. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Shane and Jamie Smith

Looks like you had fun....ok can you please tell me how you changed all your fonts... i love how your headers are different and then the font in your actual writing is different, i went to the link and I cant figure out how to make them different, cuz when i add it it just makes my whole blog one font, i want to know how to make each thing a different font like yours...can you help me:)

Shane and Jamie Smith

Thank you so much for the link :)


I LOVE the pumpkins!!! We just did ours too. It's fun to do things as your little family isn't it! I too want to make my blog cute like yours! I absolutely LOVE the headers in a different font! Can you share you secret with me too? We need to play soon!