Monday, October 19, 2009


Hayden 2 weeks old

Hayden 1 month old

I can't believe that it has already been a year since I had Hayden Kendon! Look how cute he has gotten throughout the year. I am so glad that he has kept those blue eyes like his daddy's. I finally got a blue eyed baby, but no redheads yet. Hayden is blonde though. Anyway..... Onto the telling of how much I love Hayden. Honestly, when I found out that I was pregnant with Hayden I was not at all excited. I was scared and very upset because I wanted to spend more time with Corbin, but I know that Hayden was sent here to our family for a purpose. To constantly bring smiles to our faces. Who couldn't love this face?!? After Hayden was born I had a lot of struggles, but I am sooo grateful for the Lord in my life and opportunities that I have been able to go to him in prayer. Hayden has taught me to pray more often and rely more upon my Savior. He has also brought many blessings. Of course, one is his smiles and his happiness. He does have his moments of tantrums, sad to say already, I know. But that's what happens when he sees his older brothers and watches them. With that, though, he has grown up so fast. He is talking and understand more and more each day. He signs a little bit to us and will say "yes" or "no". It's very nice and I love it!! The other blessings that Hayden has brought is unity to his brothers. I see him as the peacemaker in our family. The boys love to play with him, and although he can't quite keep up with them yet, because of them running and him just crawling, it won't be long and I will have 3 boys running up and down and around the house. Hayden has an addicting laugh and knows when the attention is on him and soaks it all and is a ham, but I love him for it. There are so many things that Hayden has done for our family that I could go on and on with a list of things, but rather bore you with I will just wish him another HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYDEN, my blue eyed boy! A spitting image of his daddy! Love you!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Daxton and Corbin :)

After he was born. 8lbs 2 oz. 20 1/2 inches long

1 year old