Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hayden's Birthday pictures

Okay, so I know that it is a week later after Hayden's birthday, but things were crazy and it didn't occur to me when I was blogging the other day and uploading other photos of the month to put Hayden's birthday photos up. they are. Of course I always forget to put the pictures in order of when they occured, but oh well. They are here and up and you can now look at them. The first one is of my dad, Hayden and my nephew Easton. Cute, cute Easton loves to climb all over my dad, or Papa, as we call him around here. It's the best, cheapest game ever and my dad loves it.

Here is Hayden enjoying his play camera that we got him. He's trying to take a picture of me. Cute!!!
He LOVED his cupcakes. He had 3 of them and downed them all. He was so much fun to watch.
Here is my brother Ryan, sister Apryl and my dad eating the cupcakes and ice cream. I was glad that most of my family could be there on such short notice. I think Hayden had a great time playing with all the cousins who could be there.
Here he is again, still eating...!!! He loves to eat.
When we went to the doctor for his check-up he
weighs: 22.8 lbs (50%)
height: 30 inches (50-75%)
head: don't know the measurements but (90%)
So he is average height, not as chunky anymore because he crawls around everywhere and starting to walk, but the poor boy has a huge head. Blame that on daddy!