Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Festive little outfit that I got from my sister-in-law a couple of years ago. Isn't it cute?!?! Anyway, we had a really great, crazy Halloween weekend. My parents have been gone to Florida to Disney World with my brother and his family and spent Halloween there, while we were here in Utah celebrating with my sister and her family. We had a really fun day on Halloween. Well, I guess not all of it was fun. Mat and my brother-in-law were moving out my parents old washer and dryer and we are finally going to be using ours that we bought 4 years ago. HOORAY!! We have been also moving out all of our stuff from storage and getting it situated and looked through. We are donating a lot of our stuff to our ward's swap and shop. It will be great. So the whole morning we spent it looking through things and moving things here and there. My parents will come home to a garage of our things at least at the back of the garage. We don't have that much stuff.

After that we got into our costumes and headed to my sisters for a fun filled evening of TRICK-OR-TREATING!!! We had dinner with them before which was fun. We had "wrapped mummies" (hot dogs wrapped in crescents), "fingers" (french fries), and tombstones (chicken nuggets). It was a lot of fun and the kids thought it was great. We then headed off to my sisters neighborhood PARK and TREAT! You just sit down in the park and hand out the candy. It's a lot of fun and an easy way for the kids to get a lot of candy in a short amount of time. We went to a few more home in her neighborhood before heading to ours. We ended up at my Grandpa Anderson's house and then headed home. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. It's fun to have the kids kind of understand the meaning of Halloween a little bit better each year. Oh, the funniest thing. We borrowed a lightsaber from my brother and Corbin would carry that all night and yet would not hold his candybag. Funny huh?!?! He wanted the lightsaber more than the candy. Hope it holds true!!

Yes I know that Corbin is bonking himself with the lightsaber, but he is such a ham and this was the best picture of our family as STAR WARS!!

My cute and adorable nephew, Easton. He went as a clown and was a trooper and walked the whole time carrying his bag of candy, that probably weighed more than any of the other boys combined. He kept grabbing more and more candy.

This is a normal look from Corbin lately. He loves to stick out his tongue. But here is my 3 boys as "STAR WARS" (not Jedi's, according to Daxton).

I had to show this silly picture of Hayden. He loves to attack the camera and he loves to get his picture taken. He is so silly and he is always making me laugh. Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween. Now, onto THANKSGIVING!!! Looking forward to fun, family and lots and lots of LAUGHTER!!!



Oh the boys are SO cute! I can't believe Hayden, he seems to get bigger every time I see him! Thanks so much for your help tonight with my blog! I definitely will call you in the next couple of days to set up a play date for our boys...and I'm sure the kids will love to play too! ;)