Thursday, June 4, 2009

I can't believe it's JUNE already!

Ah, June. The Birthday month for my family. It is a pretty crazy month for the Larsen family. All but Hayden and I are in June for birthdays, except that Mat and I will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary this year!!!! I can't believe how 5 years can go by so quickly. Anyway, the first birthday will be the 13th-- Corbin will be turning 2. He has already hit those terrible twos when he was a year old or so. He's a little stinker sometimes, but most of the time he does it in such a cute way that it is hard to be mad at him for long. For instance, he had kicked me one time and I put on the poutty lip and he went up to me and strummed his fingers up and down my lip and I couldn't help but laugh. He knows when I am always in need of a hug or a kiss. He's angel sometimes and so sweet. I can't believe he is going to be two.

Next birthday is on the 16th-- Mat will be 27 this year! He says that he is getting sooooo old. It just makes me laugh. For his birthday we are going to celebrate it a little bit early by going to the Ryan Shupe and Rubberband concert up at the Sandy Ampitheater tomorrow night. I got him tickets for his birthday and I am so excited to go to the concert with him. We haven't been for a few years and we LOVE Ryan Shupe!!!!!

Next event is Father's day! and then our Anniversary on the 25th. He seems like so long ago and not that we were married in the Manti Temple. Crazy how time flies so fast and yet not at the exact same time.

Next birthday is on the 30th-- Daxton will be turning 4 years old. He is so excited for his birthday. He keeps asking me if it's his birthday yet and I keep telling him not yet. He wants to have his birthday so that he can go to school in the fall. He is so EXCITED to go to school. Frankly, I am excited for him to go to school. I know that he will learn more there and he will be able to find friends there and I know that he will enjoy learning. He is also going to be in soccer this fall. He is very good about keeping the ball in front of him and sliding to kick the ball. We have been practicing at home. He is such a sweetheart and I love him dearly. We both have taught each other so much and he loves being in Primary. He knows that he is a big kid now that he is potty trained, goes to primary and will be going to school. He loves getting older and I can't believe how times sure flies. Next thing I'll know is that he will be getting baptized, ordained a deacon, graduating from high school and then leaving for his mission. WOW!! A lot of things to look forward to, but also a lot of stuff that I want to hold onto for right now and hold my little boy for just a little bit longer.