Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday CORBIN!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Corbin Mathew Larsen!!!
Just 2 years ago you looked like this. Not a care in the world. You came into our lives 12 days early and still weighing 8 lbs and 20 1/2 inches long. You brought a lot of JOY into our lives. Then a little over 12 hours after you were born we noticed not all was right with you. And they took you up to Primary Childrens to do some tests and you went into to surgery not even 24 hours old yet. BUT they made it ALL better.

(Corbin 10 hours old)

You had to get your intestines back together and working again. You know what though. YOU PULLED THROUGH and exceeded what all the doctors thought would take weeks. You accomplished it in days quicker than we were expecting. You have such a strong soul that our Father in Heaven needs on earth at this time. Use to do good and you will ALWAYS conquer evil. During this time you also strengthen mine and your daddy's testimonies and our relationship as father and mother became strong. Thank you for that!

(Corbin the day after his surgery)
Seeing with all of the tubes was hard, but we knew that you would pull through. 4 days after you were in the NICU we were able to feed you a little bit of milk. You were mad when you only got a teaspoon. But you should the doctors and nurses that you could do it and 3 days later you were in the childrens unit and out of the NICU at Primarys.
A total of 9 days after you were born and the surgery was over you were able to come home with us and have not had any trouble since other than you getting yourself into trouble. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face and giving me big hugs and kisses when I really needed it. Thank you for your strong spirit and loads of laughter.

(Corbin 6 months old)
Your such an angel and soldier needed on earth at this time to fight for the good and bring others to the gospel. Thanks for being so strong .
(Corbin 16 months old)
Corbin, we love you so much. Thanks for your example and all your smiles.
(Corbin 22 months old and yes always messy!)

We love you so much! Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Daxton and Hayden :)


The Bean Family

He's so cute Nik! I love the pictures and glad he had a good birthday! 2 down... only Father's Day, an anniversary, and another birthday to go! :) Love you guys dearly!

The Larsen's

That's so true! Good luck to you too Chels!