Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cRaZY Weekend!!

OK!!! So this last weekend started off pretty well. Although we were greating really nervous that it was going to rain, we were VERY grateful that it didn't. It was very windy though. I took Mat to the Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband concert at the Sandy Ampitheater. It was so AWESOME!!! We were right on the front row, however they were a little off to the far side of the stage we were still able to be close the everything. We were vibrating most of the night from the big speakers that were right across from us, but it was so well worth it. Half way through the concert we noticed that the wind had stopped and it made it that much more enjoyable. I hope that Mat enjoyed his early birthday present. I know that I really enjoyed spending some time with him. Mat's parents were kind enough to watch the boys for us. Yes, even Hayden stayed. He slept the whole time and the boys were angels for their grandma and grandpa. I'm glad that they really enjoy spending their time with their grandparents.

Here is Mat and I before the concert started.

Here is kind of what the view was like for us to watch the concert. It was so worth it though. Ryan Shupe on the Encore song even ran right past us along with a few of the other members in the band. Oh, and the bass player had a video camera strapped to a dirt bike helmet and wanted to show us what it is like for them up on stage as a band member. To view it go to and it is right on the front. Mat and I are on the righthand side of the stage. We are on the very end. It's hard to see us because it is so blurry, but we were there. FOREWARNING: it does kind of make you a little sick towards the end because he is moving so fast. Just for those who get motionsickness.

Ryan shupe and his band. They performed 3 or 4 new songs for us and they were AWESOME!

The next day I got together with a few of the girls that I went to high school with. Some I hadn't seen since the day that we graduated 7 years ago. Others it has been more recent, but it was really nice to see them all and get "reaquainted" with each other. It was amazing to see how we still had a few things in common and how life had taken us all on different journeys. About 8 of them there had gone on missions and only 2 of them had gotten married out those missionaries, well Coleen is getting married in July (Congratulations to Coleen and Bjorn!) 5 of us got married before we were 21 and had at least 2 kids. Some have less and some have more like me. We had a little potluck lunch and a small game to get reaquainted with each other. We played 2 truths and a lie. It was fun to see what all we have done the last 7 years of our lives.

Here (from L to R) Camille Ewell, Selena Downey Rakowski (spelled wrong), Bjorn Graham Coleen's fiance, and Coleen Murray soon to be Graham. Bjorn was the only boy there.
Karissa Echols, Camille Ewell and Selena with her little boy Cameron.
Ruth Shidler, Heather Jones, and Noelle Pehrson ? ( I don't know Noelle's new last name).
On Sunday Mat and our family were able to attend Mat's brother, Scott's baby Mazey's blessing in Sugar House. It was nice to be with family that day and to support Scott and Carrie with the blessing of their baby girl. We ended up getting to their church about an hour early. We were not sure how the traffic was going to be along with the weather. So I fed Hayden and he was having fun in the front seat of the car after I fed him.
He thinks it's his turn to drive the car.
Here is Scott with Mazey, Mat with Hayden, and Emily with Andrew.
Mat and his siblings with the newest grandkids in the family.
Here's little Mazey Miller in Scott's arms.
Last but not least Mat and I were able to go to Camp Jeremiah Johnson with our Cub Scouts. It's been one eventful ride to just get to the day of getting our boys up there, and I will spare you those details because all it does is make me upset. So I won't tell you because the day ended going pretty well for our scouts. We are over the Bears and we also went up with the Wolf group. So our total of boys was 10 and we had 4 leaders. It was raining off and on all day we were there. We got up that morning at 5. Got to the church at 6:10 am and left at 6:45am. Got up to the camp at 7:20 and left there at 1:10. Picked up our boys Daxton and Corbin from my sister-in-laws house in Spanish Fork around 1:30pm and got home exhausted.
Our boys did BB gun shooting, rafting on he little lake, made necklaces and did Native American games, made teepees, and had lunch, then they made ropes, did a lasso toss and got their leaders wet and then they did archery. They all had a good time from what I could tell. I couldn't get too involved because I had Hayden strapped to the front of me in the carrier and he tried helping out too much and so I did what I could. I was sooooo tired from getting up too early and worrying about it in my sleep and then just having to just keep Hayden happy. When we got home, both Mat and I had to take about an hour nap to kind of recuperate from the day.
Well that was our weekend. cRaZY but fun. I have a few other pictures that I need to add to our blog from when we went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago with my sister and her family as well as my dad came. Have a great week everyone!!!