Thursday, July 29, 2010

July a month of celebration!

Here are our Fourth of July weekend Celebrations!   We had our really good friends, Aaron and Chelsey come down and have some good ol' dutch oven dinner and dessert with us.  It was so so nice! It's always nice to be in the presence of people that love and respect you.  It's such a wonderful feeling.  Thanks Aaron and Chels for the great time and all the great times we get together.  On Sunday the 4th we had dinner with my little sister Chelsea and her husband Casey and had a great time with them.  After that we went to the Payson Memorial Park and saw the summer annual band concert.  It was great.  The boys had a good time, I think.  Maybe not listening to the music, but definitely wrestling each other on the blanket.  Silly boys!!  I guess that's what I get with having 3 crazy, lil boys!

These are photos of my family that has grown to 33 people!!!  We have a growing family and it was a great time!!  We went camping for our first annual Rick Lee Family Reunion up Bear Canyon, up Nephi Canyon.  ALL OF US WERE THERE!!!  How great is that.  We had a great time with playing horseshoes that Casey and Chelsea brought up and games at night when the kids went to bed and doing lots of crafts thanks to my mom (aka Mama)  she knows exactly what to bring to keep the kids out of trouble most of the time.  Except for when Corbin fell in the river following the big kids and got his shoes soaked....  good times.... :O)  We had no quarrels or fights.... except the lil bickering between kids that happens no matter what... we had a BLAST!!!!  What more could you ask for a big family?!?  I can't wait for next year!  We are going to Paris Springs Campground in Idaho so it will be closer for my brother and his family to come.  And we get to spend it at the beach!  YEAH!!!  The camping trip had it's ups and downs for our lil tent though.  Our zipper finally gave out the second day into that trip and thank goodness it was the last camping trip planned.  We ended up putting a tarp over the front door to keep us warm and hopefully keep the critters out.  I have pictures in the slideshow.  It was an interesting experience and hopefully we can get our tent fixed or get a new one entirely.  We'll see!  Well, enough of the boring talk.  Our summer has been an adventure and a great one to with our families on both sides.  My kids can't say they had a boring summer!  We have had ample enough family time and things to do and the Lord has truly blessed us so that we have been able to make our relationships stronger with our family.  We thank him everyday for it!!!!!