Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disneyland October 2010

I know that I'm late with Disneyland photos and all, but it's been WAY too crazy around here. Well, we were able to start off the trip pretty well until we got outside of Mesquite and Hayden got sick from the windy canyon. (I think I spelled that right.) Anyway, so that was interesting, but I think he just got a little car sick and nothing like the flu.  Then we stopped at my Uncle Steve's house and had dinner with them and stayed the night.  I love having family to make the trip not so long.  The boys were so excited to be there and excited for the adventure of driving another 6 hours the next day.  Every time we stopped they would ask, "Is this DISNEYLAND?" and every time we would have to say, no.  But we finally made it to Disneyland and our hotel to find out that our hotel was extra busy because of all the Utah and Arizona travelers and we couldn't park our car at our hotel and had to take it to a sister-hotel down the way, and we couldn't check-in till around 4 and it was 2.  So we got all our stuff out of the car and put it in their storage area, drove the car to the other hotel, shuttled back to our hotel and then walked over to Disneyland.  It was very interesting and one of the only downfalls to the whole trip.  We were able to meet up with Mat's family and even a few friends from UT.  It was AWESOME!!!!  We didn't do a whole lot in the park, but the first character we saw was SNOW WHITE!!  It was so cool for the fact that I was dressing up as Snow White for Halloween. The other problem was that we left one camera in the car and the other at the hotel in the storage area, so thank goodness for technology and we were able to use Mat's phone.
I won't go into the day to day details, but we were able to see more characters than we ever thought we would.  During the week was better than on the weekends.  There were too many people on Saturday and SOOO many lines that were more than an hour and that was too much for us.  I definitely will go back during the week over the weekend.  Friday wasn't too bad, but Saturday was AWFUL!! We were able to go to the new attraction, World of Color and it was beautiful and breathtaking.  We got to the show that was really late, not the latest, but it was 10 at night when the show started and Corbin and Hayden were asleep and slept the whole time.  There were times of frustration with family members and lots of miscommunication, but when is there a trip that doesn't have a lot of that.  My favorite parade was the Pixar parade in California Adventures where you see all the Pixar characters and it wasn't as crowded as the Disneyland parades.  The boys had a great time to say the least.  They keep asking when we can go back, which is up in the air, but we will definitely go back.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and see how much fun we were able to have as a family.