Monday, September 14, 2009

And the winner is......!!!

We were able to go to the State Fair on Saturday. We went with my sister Apryl and her family as well as my parents. We went in the first part of the afternoon and were still able to get a lot done as well as see the rodeo that evening. We had a great time. By the end of the rodeo the boys had had it and were done. We left a little bit early from the rodeo but were able to see the bullriding. That is my favorite part of the whole rodeo. I love the whole atmosphere anyway, but the bullriding and the bronco riding are my favs. The muttin riding was fun to watch as well. But I know that my boys would not do that at all. The would be crying the whole time. At least Daxton and Corbin would be.
Daxton at the rodeo with Mama behind him.
Me and tired Corbin.

Silly Hayden and Mat. Hayden was flirting with the girls next to us and they were having a blast with him. He is such his daddy's son. The biggest flirt ever, especially with girls that are way older than him. It was fun to watch. Hayden would laugh and then the girls would laugh and on and on it went. Silly Hayden and his cute girn.

Hayden was so tired before the rodeo that he crashed in the pack with him. He is not light when we falls asleep. He is almost 23 lbs and dead weight is not easy to carry.

The boys getting ready for the fun on the Little Hands on the Farm.

We were able to go to this Alligator show that teaches kids and adults about alligators. They told us of the dangers and life of an alligator. This man even wrestled the alligator to show us more about it. It was fun to watch, but Daxton was very scared and had a little bit of a rough time with it.

Here you see inside the alligator's mouth.

Here the professional worker is at work wrestling the alligator. (sorry that these pictures are going to be backwards, but my computer is being frustrating right now and won't let me fix it!)

Daxton waiting for the show to start in the hot, hot sun.

This was a creation of a guy that I thought was really cool and got a picture of my boys in front of.
The Pumpkin Spider!!!!

This is one BIG BOAR!!!! I don't remember how much he was suppose to weigh, but I do remember that he is 4 years old. That's SOME PIG!!! or Boar!

Corbin and Mat in front of some of the cattle. Corbin was so excited to go and see the cows and horses and sheep at the fair. He loves animals.



How fun Nikol!!! It sounds like you guys have been busy! Daxton is such a cute little soccer player! I can't believe everything you've been doing on the house! It looks great! I can't wait to see it in person. We really need to figure out when we can play before it gets too cold outside!