Friday, August 28, 2009

Little update on my boys

So much has happened and so much is going to be happening within the next couple of months.

Daxton: He's four years old and is going to be attending preschool on Sept. 15. He is sooo excited to be going to school. Everyday he says, "I'm bigger today mommy! I'm bigger!" He is such a helper and is always playing with his brothers and helping me out when I needed.

Corbin: He's two years old and is so wanting to go to school with Daxton. He has such a vocabulary and is always making me laugh. He has some of the greatest facial expressions that you would never think that he is 2 years old. He definetly acts older than his age, most of the time. He loves nursery and loves playing with Hayden. He is also a big momma's boy.

Hayden: He is now 10 months and growing ever so quickly. He is still army crawling around the house because it is much quicker for him to get from here to there.
He says momma
and has said love you
He is now 22.7 lbs and is stil getting bigger. He is such a stocky boy and loves to eat. When we were camping with Mat's family his mom and brother-in-law called him sparrow because I would nurse him, feed him cereal and fruit and then give him whatever we were eating at that time.
Hayden really loves mommy but loves being with his daddy.

Hope you enjoy this little update on my boys.

Oh, and Mat is doing great. He is still at PDC (Phone Directories Company) in Orem. He is now in Spec where they get to design first new designs for companies. It's pretty demanding. He enjoys it a lot and will be with the spec until February and then will go back to what he was doing before.



Nikol, I'm so glad the boys are doing well. I can't believe Daxton is going to preschool! What happened to our little babies?! I'm so glad you got time to go to the temple recently. I need to go soon, we should plan something! I love you to pieces! If you ever need anything just call!