Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I love OCTOBER!!!  Not only is Halloween on the way, but it's officially fall and the color of the leaves is splendid, the temperatures are some what cooler and its time for wonderful fall, harvesting activities.  Not only is canning pretty much done, but I get to enjoy more time with the boys outside having fun.  Oh, and I can't forget that it's also time for CONFERENCE!!!  The last few weeks have been really crazy, but fun!

First off, I was able to go to the Relief Society Meeting AT the Conference Center.  Our Stake was given so many tickets per ward and I grabbed 4.  One for me, my mom, my sister Apryl and my dear sister-in-law Leslie.  It was AMAZING!!!  We started off the evening picking up everybody so we could go to dinner before the meeting rather than after.  We ate at the Olive Garden which was in walking distance from the Conference Center and then we walked on up for the meeting.

It was an amazing meeting!!!  Very powerful on how to be better women in the church and better women in general! Awesome to spend it with 3 amazing women in my life.  Wish I could have spent it with all amazing women in my life, but only so many tickets.

Second, FALL COLORS!!!!!  I love living so close to a beautiful, scenic canyon.  The Mount Nebo Loop is in my backyard, (well, technically in my front yard but you know what I mean)!  We went up a couple weeks ago and saw the colors and then stopped off in Santaquin Canyon and roasted hot dogs and had fun playing in the dirt.  That's what boys do best right?!? The next day Mat and I were able to go up the Canyon and hike the Mount Loafer trail and although we got onto the wrong trail at one point and never made up on top of Mount Loafer, it was still a great time to spend with my husband and in nature.  LOVED IT!!!
Here are some of the pictures we took:
This is the stream in Santaquin Canyon and I had fun taking the picture and playing with the camera!

 Finishing the hike!
 Mount Loafer Trail
 Top of Payson Canyon towards Camp KoHoLoWo
Me and my best friend!
Third, playing outside with the boys harvest style!!! We were able to go to the Rowley Farm in Santaquin, which we do every year, to take the hayride to the pumpkin patch and take lots of cute pictures!!!  It was great this year!  The boys look forward to every year!

The 6 boys! Too cute!
Cute lil Andrew Durrant!

My most recent family photo until this Saturday!
Finally, CONFERENCE!!! With our Stake getting tickets this year, our bishop let us all know in the ward that there were tickets for the Saturday Afternoon session and Mat and I took the opportunity to go!!  It was awesome.  Mat's mom watched the boys and took them to their cousin's birthday party. And Mat and I went to conference!  It was amazing to say the least!  It's amazing how you feel in the presence of the prophet and apostles. There were so many answers to our many questions that are happening in our life right now, but that will have to be in a later post.  :)  We were able to eat a sack lunch on Temple Square before the session started and then walk around Temple Square for a little bit.  It was amazing to feel the unity of everyone wanting to listen to the prophet.
 Temple Shot with the American Flag!
 Outside of the Conference Center, it was nice and hot and VERY bright!
Us in the Conference Center