Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family life update!

On Thursday Sept 30, 2010 I got a text from Mat.  Something that happens everyday, right, but this was a different text.  It said, "As of Dec 24th I will no longer have a job!"  I thought that it was a joke or something, but it's true.  Mat is being let go and now we are making choices for our family that will take us else where. He will be getting a severance of 2wks per year he has worked for Ziplocal, which is 2 years so all of January we get paid and after that we will have to see.
Mat is thinking of going back to school at USU in Business Marketing! So our family might be moving to LOGAN, UT!!!  Back up to Logan after 5 years of being away, almost 6 years!  Can't believe it!  It will definitely be a change of pace for our family. We actually having been thinking of going back to school and the Sunday before Mat found out from work (which they could have done ON Christmas Eve) about going to school at USU.  Funny how the Lord works sometimes.  This was the needed push, almost, to get us going.  We are a little scared for the change of pace, and being students again and being away from family, but this is where the Lord needs us and He will provide as long as we do all that we can.


Shane and Jamie Smith

Yay for Logan :) We are still here...not in AV of course but still in Logan, I love it up here!!! I hope you guys find something that works out for your family :) Good LUck


Oh, you should! I wish I was going to be up here next year, but I'll be here spring semester!!! I would love to help you guys out and babysit if you ever need it!

Still not so fun news, but if there is one thing I know without a doubt it is that the Lord has a plan for us and he leads us to it. But trusting and taking a step into the dark is sometimes the scariest thing. You'll make the right choice though, I'm sure of it.