Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Times flying by....

So I don't know have any excuses of why I haven't posted lately.... other than running around crazy....!!!:)  August went by tooo quickly.  We had a lot of family come to visit that month and I'm glad to have family around.  The one thing, well two, most eventful things happened in the month of August.  First,  Hayden sprained his foot by jumping off a 1 ft table in their bedroom.  We didn't find out that it was a sprain until after 2 visits to the doctor and my 2 uncles looking at him.  The story is that Hayden was trying to "go swimming" with his brothers in the bedroom and jumping off the table to land on the blue rug, "the water."  Well, he had been doing this for sometime, and then we heard him jump, then cry, and so Mat went in to find him on the floor on his side.  I thought that he had bunked his head, until the next morning and he was complaining his leg hurt.  Didn't think much of it until I put him down to help Corbin go potty and he wouldn't stand on his legs and collapsed on the floor.  That really worried me, especially since my parents were out of town with my brother and his family in San Diego.  I called my mom and talked with her. She said if there is any bruising or swelling then take him in.  There was nothing!!!  So I called my lil sis to come and look at him and his hips moved fine and he was not giving us any indication of what was really going on and where he was hurting.  FRUSTRATING!!!  So I called and made an appointment to see the doctor and my doctor was not in so I saw the on call doctor there.  They did x-rays and still couldn't find anything.  They said if by a week he was still not walking to come back in.  So I did.  One week later we were back in the office with yet another doctor and took different x-rays but still couldn't find anything, so they put a splint on his foot and wrapped him up good.  A few days later he was starting to crawl and by one week after his splint was put on he was walking again!!! and I took off the splint.  My back hurt so bad to be carrying around a 30 lb toddler.  He's pretty hefty!!!

Well during this time my Aunt Darla came back from her mission from Samoa.  It was great to see her and my cousin Karma, her daughter.  We had a great time and I was able to get my own lava lava to wear.  :)

Here's Apryl & Dave Durrant, Mat and Hayden Larsen, and my cousin Karma Tucker
 Aunt Darla

                       My sweet Grandpa Anderson                  My mom, myself and Apryl in our lava lavas!
We were also able to see good friends too and it is just so nice to visit!!!
The next big thing that happened was DAXTON IS IN KINDERGARTEN!!!!  I felt bad that I wasn't able to post about this sooner, but as you can see my life has been kind of crazy.  So.... here is my big Kindergartener!!!
 Isn't he just handsome and ready for school?!?!  I can't believe he's already in Kindergarten.  And no I didn't cry when we took him to school, I was actually excited for him to be at school.  Not like he's a bad kid and I want him away, but it is nice to focus a little bit of time on the other 2 kids.  His teacher is Mrs. Thomas who was also my little sister's teacher too.  So she knows my family and it's nice to know a familiar face.  It is kind of weird to think that he is going to the same school that I went to and even some of the same teachers are there.  CrAZy!!!
During the whole month of August my body has been shutting down and having problems.  I won't go into all the details because they are kind of embarrassing, but for the most part my stomach has been cramping up and it doesn't matter what I do it hurts!!  I have been passing out a lot lately and been really shaky and just plain hurt.  I have been to the doctor a couple of times and they have tried me on fiber pills and that makes it almost worse.  I did just go yesterday and had some blood drawn and my results came back this morning as everything is normal.  No probs with the thyroid, kidney, liver, diabetes, not pregnant, etc.  So that's great, but not sure what is still wrong with me.  I've even fooled the doctor and he is a little scared.  So on Friday I get to go in to get an ultrasound on my tummy to see what's going on with my stomach.  Then I have an appointment with a specialty doctor later in the month.  So pray for me and the doctors so that we can find out what's going on.  I'm a little scared, but just unnerved mostly.  I hate not knowing.



GIRLFRIEND!!!! WHY HAVE YOU NOT TOLD ME YOU'RE HAVING A HARD TIME???? I'd love to help in any way I can! Can I do anything for you? Take the boys for a day to help you rest up?? Let me know how the ultra-sound goes and the specialist later this month. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers sweetheart! Love ya!

Megan Campbell Carter

Love the new background! Daxton is going to love Kindergarten..I find it odd that my nieces and nephews had teachers I had, but it's fun to talk to my YW about what teachers I had that they have. Hope everything turns out well!