Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

So I feel pretty good that I'm staying on top of things,.... for now at least!  I am actually posting about Memorial day weekend the day after it all happened, which is pretty good for me especially lately!  Anywho, onto the weekend recap!  So Friday we didn't do very much, but on Saturday I was able to get a lot done on some yard work and getting things organized in the shed that is storing all of our stuff. I had to do most of it because Mat had hurt his back, well specifically he slipped a disc in his back.  So he has been in a lot of pain lately.  I moved most of the boxes and found a whole bunch of pictures that I need to scan and I can't wait to start some new books especially those from my younger years and some of my favorite and not so favorite memories and stories of my life.  We didn't do much after that.  My mom and my grandpa went down to Monroe, UT to put flowers on my grandma's grave along with other relatives that were in the same area. After my mom got back we had a BBQ with grilled shrimp and zucchini, onions and squash.  It was really yummy!  My sister and her family had come over and we were able to eat outside and have a great time.  We roasted marshmellows in our firepit and had a great time while my mom was telling of stories of my Grandpa Anderson and things that he remembered growing up as a kid.  It was awesome!  The only downer to the evening was that I found out that I'm allergic to shrimp.  My lip started to swell in one spot like a blister. My mom thought it was a coldsore, but I was thinking it was an allergic reaction.  So I took some benadryl and the swelling went away.  Thank goodness it wasn't a major reaction, but now I know that I can't have shrimp anymore. 
Sunday was a great day!  Church was awesome and after that we got salads ready and headed up the canyon to have a family BBQ up there!  I love BBQ's!!!  I love my family even more though.  I was able to meet my new neice, Sophia Rebecca Lee, my brother Ryan's newest addition.  After roasting hot dogs and eating our dinner, my sweet Grandpa Anderson read us a story about Christmas service for our FHE lesson.  I know it's not Christmas but the story touched my heart that even in the bleakest of circumstances we must serve others with all our heart and blessings will come in the end in many unexpected ways!  After our family get together we headed back to our house where some of our closest friends met us and we were able to go camping in our backyard for the first time of the season!!!!!  It was a great night!  We set up the projector and watched a couple of movies and we learned a new card game, Hand and Foot.  I've heard of it, but haven't played it until that night!  The kids fell asleep around 10- 10:30 pm and we didn't get to bed until around 2pm.  It was a pretty cool night, but at least the boys were warm.  For breakfast we made blueberry pancakes with bacon and it was wonderful!  We got a couple of pictures of the time when our friends, Chels and Aaron were here.  Thanks for coming down and can't wait to see how the summer pans out for us!
The next couple of weeks we are pretty free, but towards the end of the month we are going to be camping almost every weekend!!!  I'm excited to go camping, but I think I will be pretty tired over those 4 weeks straight! 
Hope you all had a Happy and SAFE Memorial Weekend remembering all those before us!