Sunday, November 9, 2008

We're off to see the wizard.....

Ok. So here is our family on Halloween. Both Mat and I barely finished our costumes before we went with the boys trick-or-treating with my sister and her family to a trunk-or-treat ordeal in their neighborhood. It was more that you sat on a blanket at the park by their house and then you passed out the candy to all that came by. Anyway, we had fun going with our family theme. If you couldn't guess already we went as the Wizard of Oz. This was all Mat's idea. He thought that since Corbin would be wearing Daxton's old lion costume that we could easily do the rest of Dorthy's friends. So that is what we did. I hope that you like our costumes. We had a blast and a lot of people took pictures of us and thought that we were a cute family. It was fun though.

Here is Daxton showing off his Scarecrow costume. He loved it and was always showing off to people. He kept loosing his hat so for most of the night I held on to it.

Here is the whole family. And yes we even dressed up Hayden. He's my little Toto. Mat had spray painted his hair and hands. He made his whole costume out of cardboard. It took him a couple of nights to figure out a good design so that it wasn't so boxy and I think he accomplished that idea.

My sister has a tradition to have a Halloween party during October with all friends and family. However, this year she was gone for most of October with some family to Walt Disney World and part of the southern states. So instead she had a All Hallows Day party or All Saints Day. It was a lot of fun and we always have fun at my sister's Halloween Parties. So here are a few pictures of the activities that we did. Well I guess one activity that we did, which was a donut eating contest where you see who can eat the donut the fastest without having it fall or without touching the donut. Some of the other activities that we did were BINGO, memory trivia about All Saints Day, and a guess how many. It was fun. It was the first year that my brother Ryan and his wife Cindy were able to be with us at the party.

Here is Mat and I again with Hayden.

Here is my mom and dad. My mom dressed up as a gypsy and my dad as Dracula.

Here is my sister, Apryl and her husband Dave with the donut eating contest. No they didn't win, but it was fun to watch all who participated get into it or some that were laughing so hard that they couldn't even do it. Apryl and Dave dressed up as Sandy and Danny from Grease.

Here is another picture of Sandy and Danny (aka Apryl and Dave).

Here is a picture of my brother, Ryan and his wife Cindy. They dressed up as Safari Mickey and Safari Goofy. Cindy didn't want to be Minnie, since that is what their little girl, Phebe, dressed up as.

Hope you enjoyed the picture from Halloween. We had a really good time. People were shocked that I was out trick-or-treating with my family, but it was a lot of fun. If it was really cold and bad weather I wouldn't have, but it was fairly nice. Hope that you had a nice Halloween and I am getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't wait to finally meet my neice, Korryn Rebecca Lee. She was born 6 days before Hayden was born. My sister-in-law and I were due the exact same day, but she had her little girl just a few days before. Happy Holidays everyone!!


Megan Carter

That is so awesome!! I love it! John and I thought it was a great idea. Someday we'll get to have fun like that...but for now it was just us.

Aleca and Alan Rose

you all look sooo cute in your pictures! Nikol I love your outfit! Your little guys carving the pumpkins... i just love their grins :)

Aaron and Chels

The Halloween costumes are awesome!!!! How fun. I can never come up with fun ideas for halloween. You are such a sweetie and we love you and Mat to pieces! We really should play soon so I can see Hayden! It looks like he's growing fast!