Monday, May 24, 2010

Hogle Zoo.... the perfect day!

So May 15th we went to the zoo with our really good friends, Aaron and Chelsey and their family!!!! IT WAS A BLAST!!  The kids a great time together and love to play... which makes it all the better and a lot more fun!  We followed each other up to the zoo and had a great time!!  The photos that I took can pretty much tell the story for you and I won't bore you with all the details, but I will tell you of a funny experience I had a couple of times while we were there.  There were a lot of girls that were wearing a similar outfit that I was wearing.  I had a teal blue shirt on and brown shorts. One girl even had a similar hairstyle, but a little darker in color.  We were taking pictures of the kids on a statue of a rhino and the older kids were getting restless so I took them over to see the mandrills and Mat, Chelsey and Aaron look over to where I was and there were 2 other women there with similar outfits and Mat asked, "Which is my wife?"  Chelsey took a picture of that event, but I found it interesting that that was a popular outfit for the day.  Can I just ask you one other thing?  WHY DO GIRLS WEAR HIGH HEELED SANDALS TO THE ZOO?!?!?!?  It just hurts my feet just thinking about it!  Who are they trying to impress?  Countless times we saw women walking in high heeled sandals or shoes and it really baffled me! Wear something comfortable!  I said my peace enjoy the photos!


Megan Campbell Carter

Fun! John won't go to the Zoo until we have kids to take. I love the zoo. I also can't believe that Aaron Bean looks the same!


That was SUCH a fun day!!! We had a blast with you guys! We need to plan Disney Land now!!! :) Love ya to pieces!

Candice Chase

i was just there yesterday for Lizzy's first field trip! it was great!

The Larsen's

It's been our tradition since right before Corbin was born! We love it!!!