Friday, April 30, 2010

Busy April!

So I have been a really bad blogger the whole month of April! (BEWARE.... It will be a long post!)
 To start off the month was my birthday and I had a really good day, considering it's April Fools and it snowed that day!!  I was super excited for the weekend to come where I was going to be spending it with my family in SUNNY St. George and Mesquite, NV!  We left Friday morning and drove down to St. George to meet my family there and start our trip!  We were able to play around on the red rocks there and Hayden had a blast!  Even though he was scaring me a lot of the time trying to "stay up" with the boys!  Half the time he was not staying up with them and either Mat or I would have to hurry to help him out or carry him along.  It was a fun time at our first stop and then we headed to this Dinosaur Museum there where the boys were able to look at fossils and dig around themselves at a site where the dinosaurs were actually found.  It was a nice stop and the boys again had a great time.  We had a decision to make for the next stop to either go to a place where one of our ancestors helped to build a mill with Brigham Young or go to the Jacob Hamblin home in Santa Clara.  My sister-in-law is distantly related to Jacob Hamlin so we went there.  She is related to his second wife, Rachel Judd.  It was really cool house and we found out a lot about Jacob as well as his wives.  The house was really cool and it made Mat and I want to live in Santa Clara!  It was beautiful and not really in the city, but still close enough to "civilization" as Mat would put it.  It was BEAUTIFUL...!!!  We got talking to the missionary there and found out we had some little connections with him.  His name was Elder Bryner, I think that was his name, anyway is from Price, which is where Mat's dad is from.  It ends up that Elder Bryner, who is a Sr. Missionary by the way, dated Mat's dad's sister when they were going to CEU and knows the Miller family a little bit.  Funny connects all around us to find, huh?!?!  After the tour we let the kids play around on the grounds to get some energy out of them and then we headed back to my uncles house in Mesquite.  It was fun to see the kids play with their cousins that they don't see very often.
We had a really good meal and the boys did fairly well, considering there was family around and they get easily distracted.  Hayden of course did a great job.  He loves food, most of the time.  That night the kids pretty much crashed from playing so hard outside. 
The next day was my favorite day!!!!!  We ended up where it would seem out in the middle of the desert of Nevada, but it was a GREAT!!  We went the Lost City Museum and looked at the Anasazi culture there.  They have a whole collection of Native American tools, clothes, and even the pueblos that the kids could play in outside.  The boys thought it was Awesome to play in a place where someone would sleep.  They are not very big and it's amazing what the Native Americans did in such a HOT environment and survive.  After that we drove a little further south and this is where the fun began.  We went fourwheeling to a cave, where I think a lot of teens hang out, and had lunch.  I didn't drive the fourwheeler, but Mat was able to and we had a blast.  We had lunch in the cave and hiked around that area for a little bit.  Then we drove back to where the cars were, the kids took a good nap (Hayden fell asleep on me on the fourwheeler on the way back to the car!), and we were able to drive around on the jumps, curves and everywhere out there in the desert.  It was a blast!!!  The last time I was on a fourwheeler was my Sr. year for Homecoming with Mike Haney.  That was over 8 years ago!!!!  Mat and I spent most of the time together doing that. Daxton came out with us once and told us that is what he wants to do for his birthday is to go fourwheeling rather than go to Chuck-E-Cheese.  I thought that that was reasonable, don't you?  At least I have family around that have fourwheelers that we can go with.  After riding for about an hour or so, we headed to the National Park there to look at some AMAZING creations from God!  It literally looked like someone grabbed a paintbrush and put a little yellow here, a little red there, a splash of purple here and a drop of pink there.  The first hike we did was called the Mouse Tank.  It's a place where the Natives knew where there would be water.  It was not a lot of water, but an ample amount if it was in dier need.  It was a fun hike for the fact that there were petroglyphs, paintings on the wall, that you could look for and at the beginning of the hike there was a map of what each petroglyph meant.  It was really cool and a lot of fun!!  Daxton was constantly look for them and would be able to tell you what each meant, or a close definition of it.  Hayden was determined to walk all by himself on our way back.  Even if that meant that we walked really slow and stopped a lot, he did it himself.  Funny boy! We just went to a few other spots there and just took pictures, no hiking really.  But they stops were beautiful, breath-takingly beautiful!!  I will put together a slideshow of all the photos of our trip.  I was able to do a book with Heritage Makers for my Aunt to show her our appreciation of all that she does for our family, all the places she takes us and the food she prepares for us and most importantly their home they provide for our overwhelmingly large family.  Thanks Aunt Teri and Uncle Steve!!!  Hope she liked it!  I had a great time making it for her!
On Sunday we drove straight back to Payson, in the snow, ugh..... I'm done with snow!!  Then we went to my Aunt Tina's and Uncle Tim's house for Easter....  Oh, wait, .... the Easter bunny didn't forget to stop at our house!!  He came while we were gone... the boys were excited that when they got home there was candy and toys for them.  It was so fun to see the expressions on their faces to see candy and toys at home!!   We had a great Easter BBQ at my aunt and uncle's house.  Had a great Easter lesson and spent a great deal of wonderful, needed time with my family.
The next day was the day I will never forget.... the day my dad got in a wreck on his way home from work in Mt. Pleasant!!  He was coming home that dreadfully snowy night, blizzard like conditions and very icey!!  He rolled his truck in Nephi Canyon just coming out of Fountain Green.  Miracles occured that night and my dad came out with a scratch on his nose and a bump on his head.  There was a perfect bubble over the driver's side of the car.  He rolled on the passenger's side into the mountain side then it rolled back and landed on the driver's side door.  My dad had a little bit of back problems that didn't show for a few days, but amazingly enough, he was unharmed. 
I was able to see my good friend and former roommate at her baby shower that weekend on the 10th.  Colette Day looks soooo cute being pregnant!!  Hope all goes well for her and the baby.  She's due any day now!
Not much else has happened.  The boys have been growing so quickly and so fast.  I think we went through a growth spurt because some of Corbin's pants are short on him now and Hayden is talking so much more and running around with the boys! 
I did end up getting Strep throat a week or so ago, which was not fun at all.  Ends up Daxton and Corbin were the carriers of it and so we were all on antibotics to get over it.  If Daxton gets strep throat again this year we have to get his tonsils out!!  Scary thought.  He had strep already this year at the beginning of the year.  Not fun to be sick.  We have been getting a lot of things done outside.  It's been nice to be able to play when it hasn't been snowing, which lately has been a lot.  Silly snow needs to stay away.  We need the moisture, but it would be nice to have rain, not snow!!  Anyway, sorry for the really long post, but that is what's been up with our lil' family!