Monday, March 15, 2010

The old and new begin again...

We were able to go to the Utah Flash Game with Daxton's preschool, Mountainland Headstart.  It was AWESOME!!  We were also able to take 2 of my nephews, Christian and Dalan.  They had a great time too and keep asking me when we are going to go again.  I'm glad that they had a great time. 
The next thing we went and did with Daxton's school was see the play, "If you give a mouse a cookie!"  It was a great lil book and an even better play.  It's amazing to see how they get a 10 min book into a 45 min play.  The kids were laughing and my boys were glued to the mouse.  Corbin kept saying, "silly mouse!"  It was a great way to spend family night together, popcorn and a play at the SCERA!!  (They play is still going until the 19th of this month.  Worth taking your kids to.)
The next day was our Relief Society Birthday PARTY!!!  My mom and I were incharge of the food.  They told us a party was the theme, nothing fancy so my mom and I did PICNIC food!!!  We decorated our table with flowers, bugs, ants, picnic table clothes.  Our food was fun and of course, YUMMY!!!  We had fried chicken, potato salads (12 or 13 different ones the dear sweet sisters provided), baked beans (4 different ones the sisters also provided), chips and salsa/dip, carrots, pickles, and celery and had water.  It was fun, easy and very relaxing.  It was a fun activity to do and I thank my mom for the great ideas for the food table decorations as well as the food.  She's wonderful!!!  Love you mom!!!
We got the boys new bed(s).  We got this bunk bed from IKEA and the boys love it!!!  It's not too high and very low to the ground.  Corbin's bed is on the ground so no worries about him falling out of bed any more.  It fits really nice in the room and Hayden gets a crib now!  He was not too happy about being in the crib at first.  He cried for a total of 30 seconds, fell asleep and was fine was he realized it was his bed now.  Silly boy!!
Speaking of sweet Hayden.  He's getting so big.  He is almost 18months old.  YEAH!!! Next month we are able to put him in nursery with Corbin!!!  I can't wait!  But he is walking like crazy, running is more like it, to keep up with his 2 older brothers.  He loves to do everything that they do.  Although he is a bigger class clown and loves to just drop to the floor, roll around, make silly sounds and push himself were ever on the floor.  He loves to make you laugh and smile all do.  His other favorite thing to do is READ!!!  He will come up to you, book in hand, and say,  "Momma, READ BOOK!!!"  Not kidding.  He is talking so much.  This morning Corbin said, "I love you mom!"  and Hayden said, "LUV OO MOM!!"  (it's hard to type baby talk!)  It was way cute!
The boys are looking forward to our summer of camping and then definitely for October when we are going to DISNEYLAND over UEA (Fall break) pretty much for Hayden's 2nd birthday with Mat's family.  They are SOOO excited as well as Mat and I.  It's been 4 years since we have been and we can't wait to go back and experience with our boys.  We definitely have a busy summer already planned with reunions back-to-back and camping on our own.  We can't wait!! 
Hope all have adjusted well to the time change.  It will take some getting used to for us, but I think we might be able to handle it!  Have a great day!


Megan Campbell Carter

I'm glad you got to see the play! That is my favorite book and I've been so stinking busy that my mom keeps pestering me on when I get to come! (She's the house manager at the Scera, it's like a second summer home for me.)

Josh and Tacy Jackson

Hey I found your blog! YAY! And we are inviting more people to the temple when we actually get sealed. This last weekend was kinda a family thing. So don't feel left out you silly kids! Love ya!