Friday, December 11, 2009

Update with the pictures

We had a really great weekend last week. Sorry I haven't been able to post any sooner, but it's been crazy especially with the snow that we got this week.

Anyway, on Friday I took Mat to work so that the boys and I could pick him up and spend the weekend up in Sandy looking at the Festival of trees and then the next day Mat and I were going to the Snow College Bowl game at the Rio Tinto Stadium. HOORAY!!! GOOOOO BADGERS!!! Anyway, we got up to South Towne Expo by 3:30 and it was so crazy busy, but we had a really good time. We were specifically looking for 2 trees there because we knew who decorated them. One was the Star Wars one. Mat works with the mom of the guy who decorated it. It's interesting to explain, but it was a really cool display of many trees with collectible items of Star Wars. The second tree was one that my friend in my ward decorated, it was the Wizard of Oz tree, and she did a great job. It was really beautiful. It was amazing to see the different kind of trees and ideas people come up with. I hope that you enjoy some of the pictures that I took and provided for you to look at. It was fun. Corbin even told me thank you for taking him and that he had fun. Very cute from my 2 year old. He's growing up too fast. After the lights we went to dinner at McDonalds and let the boys just eat, relax and PLAY!!! Even Hayden had fun going up the slide and playing. It was a very good night.

On Saturday we had the freezing privilege to go to the Snow College Bowl game and watch the BADGERS WIN!!!! It was a very close game and not as exciting as last year, but still a lot of fun. We were wrapped up in blankets, coats and all that we could get on us and we were stilling freezing. The coldest part of me was my calves and my feet. I finally got feeling back in my feet when we were almost to our car. It was snowing on us the whole time. Most of it was just flurries, but it did snow on us from half time until about 6 minutes left in the game where the sun finally made its presences. I was just really glad that the Badgers won or else I would have been really mad that I sat there freezing and they just lost. But they pulled it off and beat the Grand Rapids Raiders 41 to 37. HOORAY!!! Go BADGERS!!!! Mine and Mat's voices were really sore the next day after screaming at the game. The funny part at the game was that the players, from SNOW, asked us as the crowd to not scream so loud because they couldn't hear the snap. Funny huh?!?! Anyway, thought that I would update you all on our family adventure last week.

We are looking forward to the Christmas holidays and have loved every minute that we can to teach our boys about the true meaning of Christmas. We have had fun making snowflakes and the links to count down to Christmas. I'm trying really hard to be more involved with my boys and let them know that I love them so much. It's helped out the spirit and relationship with all of us and made the bad things that would seem really bad not so bad.

Well, Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday!!!


Megan Campbell Carter

Fun! We went up to the Festival of Trees's a long standing tradition with my family, so John and I are making it a crazy tradition too. :) We love Rio Tinto...yay Badgers!